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Rastafari is the leaf of the tree for the healing of the nations

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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 6/24/2007 3:56:41 PM

Although the tree in the garden gen3v3 is for the healing (compare v22)and rev2v7,22v2 and i belive this to be weed. The in it essence is ini who live up to his majesty words, cause he is the branch and ini the leaves and christ vine. Read jere23v5-8. We know smoking herb bring people together and ini show the love ini experience from herb to the world, likewise this same love demonstrated by his majesty defending ini rights and the care to teach ini to live, should be amplifyed to the whole world. And those with the will to follow truth will do so. Still can't reply i used my girl phone .

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Haile Selassie I