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I am God?

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 6/13/2007 10:33:19 PM

still looking,

I and I are not looking anymore, I and I see and know I and I God. Jah is not an explanation for I to tell I how things were created. Jah is I guide, protector, shield and strength and so much more.

You look at God as a concept, I and I see God as reality.

When people learn to stop analyzing and instead open their eyes, they will see the mightiness of the Most High, and the Most High will guide them in all their steps.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/14/2007 4:27:26 AM

Still Looking
You say one thing but another - there is no God but hail His Majesty which is it? Hail means praise so do you over His Majesty as a Spiritual King or what? Your rationale to say you cannot make nothing from something signifies to me a desire to give glory to that which made it. In science theories of evolution might explain th connection between chimpanzees and people (whether I agree or not is something else) but still some force created that chimp. Even scientists have failed to deduce the making of this world and have said its the big bang, an atomic reaction of particles - THAT IS SOMETHING FROM NOTHING. For I n I no big bang, things don't just happen but are created as such by the Creator. If there is any spiritual element within you, you might over what I am saying. Aya hate to assume you nah know Rasta but go through Ras again, from the beginning and rise to see JAH again. Seek to overstand Sellasie's power as God as Man in Flesh and HIS power as a spiritual force - that which connects us as human beings, teaches us to love, to have inner peace and to appreciate the beauty of this earth. You say awe guides, awe is an emotion, a feeling not an explaination, its an emotion that's dependent on change and can turn to happiness or disgust at any given time, but the ultimate Creator is that who you refuse; God. I don't overs how the I claim Rastafari yet denounce there is a God, Aya that's principle of RASTAFARI, HAILING THE LIVING GOD. I n I might differ on philosophies of God within this movement but I speak for all Rastas when I say there is a God concept we all endorse.
The proof I have of God is me, I am that reflection of God, every muscle, every vein, every cell in my body is God's work and deeper within is my soul. I have a soul that connects I to that Higher Power and I praise the Most High for that, simply me being me, having life is testament of glory so I give praise for life. I don't need to be told by any theory, but I know.
As for women as second class citizens, please don't pull out the gender card because that's another fire discussion. First of all pregnancy/birth of a child is the creation of man and woman but manifestation of God's will and power. The gift of life is such that another can be carried within a woman, that special feeling, the miralce of life growing within is so amazing that is has to be God, there is no other explaination for that process, that beauty, its God. Science like I said explains mechanics, but the force behind it is God, nothing can compare.
Now God as HE is a generic term like in the sense of saying man to mean all people, when terms become gender specific that's in description of the sociological practices of a people. The fact that I say God is He does not mean I say God is male, I recognise God as that which encompasses both male and female. GOD is the Alpha and Omega balance that His Majesty and Her Majesty, Empress Mennen exemplified, JAH is the beginning with no end and that encapsulates man and woman in a divine realm, as living manifestations of the Most High - each charged with special gifts to perform in this life. Now what people have done in constructing God as male is the folly of the world, that's people's own doing because of the desire to give power to a patriarchal system that seeks to dominate and oppress. (Not all patriarchal systems are this way of course). Its like telling someone God is a white man with a long white beard and Black people are cursed by God, that's people doing too. I n I nah believe in what people say, for centuries people's doing have kept others down and deprived people on the basis of race, poverty, gender, ethnicity, religious bleief because of this notion that God is male or God is white or God is Christian. Gwan with that meditation, I, gwan. As I said before I have no time for people talk, but JAH talk, HE yes HE as SHE as HE as IT is my meditation and my guide. If you are astounded by silence, then that is you, I am astounded by prayer and just to know the Conquering Lion is I n I Creator is honor.
And please know when you say God is "weak term" know that you offend people, your views are yours but how you express them must be with caution, I think other people will burn fire 'pon you just for saying "God is a weak term" before you even explain yourself. Rastafari is a way of life, overing through a spiritual view and how you hail the King without acknowledging that is contradictory and confusing. Find the source of your awe, find the source of miracles and quest further and you find the answer. God is great is a simple but powerful statement, great means something so wonderful, so powerful it defies human comprehension. Saying God is great is a chant and meditation that gives glory to JAH for the beauty of the sunset, the rain, the hills, the ocean etc. The more you say it, the more you over the overwhelming power of that statement. God is great is because HE is all of Creation, its a statement that means alot and seeks to capture the fullness of the Most High. I've not time for how people have denigrated the term, it doesn't taint my conception of God, HE is great still. I know that HE is the maker of all and I a manifestation of His works as this beautiful earth in which I n I trod. Its all JAH, so let HIM be praised. GOD IS, Selah.

Messenger: HIMrulesWEall Sent: 6/14/2007 5:03:19 PM





Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/14/2007 6:03:59 PM

Too much negative vibe in here, show some LOVE to eachother, and express yourselves is a respectful manner. Arguing causes war, resoning causes Solutions.

LOVE : )

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/15/2007 7:21:54 AM

Wow... Idren & Sistrin them... I just caught up on this thread of "reasoning".

For Bro. Anbesa... erm... It's strange that you of all people complain about people's aggressions. As far as ordering InI to remain in my cybernetic world, as though it is my computer with which I have taken my covenant... I would think that you should not be so ignorant and presumptuous, especially seeing as you are the authority on RasTafari Ites... not only that, but it seems you have the ilaful job position of being Head of Immigration at Ethiopia.

As such a learned man, the I should first of all have been clear that "Yaa Asantewa" is the name of an Afrikan womban (like myself), not a bredren. Secondly, I have a feeling that your connection with Ethiopia is somewhat superficial in comparison to my own, or that of many other Idren & Sistrin whose innection in genetic, genealogical, spiritual and heartical. What I mean by this is that there is an African way, and there are people like the I that don't have that intimate connection with the African style of livity, which is non hippy-like, it is based on the concept of improvement by correction.

As an actual African person, I can inform the I that InI engage in passionate, forthright, unapologetic debate. That is how we, in fact, make ourselves better. It is probably through this natural peer system that InI were able to develop and formalise the most regal and theocratic civilisation this world has ever seen. It's clear to me that the I has never felt the firm hand blessing of African parenting and guidance, else you would not be so afraid of being challenged and corrected.

In the end the I has been corrected and put in the right place, I am satisfied of that particularly by your acknowldgement that in fact your ivels were clear in relation to the principles of which I was speaking.

I would ask the I to be a more respectful when speaking to real Zion Dawta. It's not by having access to the internet which qualifies me. And I am insulted at that over personal dig... as if I can't express my own ights.

I will not need to knock at your door in Ethiopia. I have my own family gates that stretch back as being mine for centuries. Funnily enough for me, it is evident that the I is on borrowed time and borrowed land. So in basic terms, I think that the I should watch your own mouth.

My Kingman (my Royal BoboShanti Warrior Kingman) was informing me the other day that nuff youths in locs that can't stand the heat of the fiyah of true order & principle will get a judgement call in their own time.

I really see that this is going to happen.

I'm grateful to have the unique opportunity and access to a worldwide spectrum view of a variety of interpretations and I fulljoy being able to make an itribution.

I find it important that those who are within a fullness of their livity, their order, their Ights and their covenant should itinually blaze a fiyah on subversive elements, particularly if ones have access to the internet. Cos youths come on these sites to learn about RasTafari and end up being drawn away by some half fangled hippy ideologies that have nothing to do with the irits of Marcus Garvey, His Majesty personal plan for African's at the four wings, and (in my livity) Prince Emmanuel's intention for African self remembrance and upliftment in InI Anciency and glory. Selah.

Anyway Bro. Dominique... you gwarn blaze your spliff and flash your locs and boast of knowing who and who not on Zion Hill and in Shashamene, or whatever other misguided ideas you have of qualifying yourself as RasTa.

I would ask that you do not direct another X-world sound in my direction again.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 6/15/2007 8:01:00 AM

Respect Yaa Asantewa,

Much respect to your word,sound , and power.

as humans we may not agree on everything and there may be posts that I have written that you do not agree with, but i just wanted to say that i went back and read your posts on this thread.-----your last post caught my curiosity and I just wish to humbly say...

I like your sound

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/15/2007 9:26:07 AM

Blessed & Royal Love Bro. Still Looking...

I have actually posted something quite specifically relating to the I on another thread... But yes, give thanks for the hail and acknowledgement. I am humbled.

Although we will not agree on the specifics of the current argument... I have to say that I overs what the I is expressing, or intending to.

And in many ways, the I is heartically correct. There is also a deeper reason as to why the I is exploring these concepts amongst Ras Tafari. As I have said there is something fishy about this surge of internet rasta of late... and although the internet should be a place where people can access information to things that a locale can restrict, there are problems and issues with who speaks the loudest on these forums... and many of the times people are trying to compensate for something or justifying themselves for their total lack of true innection with Fari natural and ilamental irits & favour.

There is a reason why you do not cite a "God", but hold up the realness of Selassie I. That is because HIM throne was set in Ethiopia, birthplace of divine man and all the evidence one might wish to have in the REAL world points to that fact. We don't have to have an area of compromise where we are forced to put it down to unquestionnable "faith". All is there for InI to witness. Even the spiritual conclusion, the peace of mind that is reached in the acknowledgement that that this bearded cloud God does not exist is overwhelming enough to seal the deal. That is because he doesn't.

So when ones and ones want to argue with whether or not Selassie I is God... I always say... the time it will take for me to unpick what you have formalised in your mind as an understanding of the God concept, means we will not be able to get to the Ras Tafari bit for a loooong while! And I sight that is what the I is dealing with here. Trying to unpick people's God concept before it is possible to start to uncover the identity of Godliness.

It's a funny ole world we live in.

But you are correct to search the notion within Ras Tafari context cos here is where the answers do lie. And you are right, life is divine from sun-up to sun-down. 7 days of the strong.

Divinity did not finish 2000 years ago. In fact, it didn't even start then. Notions of divinity were eloquated and scribed in stone by our personal ancestors... who allowed us to know and always remember that the proof our supreme human divinity was in our penial gland, seat of black spiritual cognition, and source of bodily melanin distribution. We operated theocratic empires and civilisations knowing that we were the first, the descendants of primary specimens of humanity, the primary of which we have as prototype divine man, first to be awakened by the hot Ithiopian equatorial sunrays (without the use of sun block). Since time passed, we have always known our divinity receives an exemplary personage, or knowledge of one, when the mystic indicates it necessary. He was amongst us in Eden, as He is placed amongst us in sight in times of redemption... in the fulfillment of prophecy & history.

Haile Selassie I means the power of the holy trinity. Not only as the throne; Father, Mother (Menen) & Child... but in this time of redemption when InI were in spiritual need of a prophet (Garvey), priest (Emmanuel) and King (Ras Tafari). Selah.

Anyway... again, InI may not agree on details... but I certainly overs your refuting the God concept. For real, that does not exist. But I like the fact that the I real-eyes that Selassie I will bust all seals, and He makes sense any which way InI choose to look at it!!

Selah!! :)

Messenger: HIMrulesWEall Sent: 6/15/2007 11:25:21 AM

Ises for what InI sayin. Its so blessed sistren, I glad the I here. Bless.

Looking, the I IRIE. and by that, i mean the I on a Ivine Path. the I is just right. Bless InI people. Jah in the Fullness-HaIle Selassie I.

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 6/15/2007 11:57:14 AM


Brethren, if you don't like how the things are running here, then just leave. And I do not even say this sarcastically but honestly. Maybe this is just not the right place for you.
To me it seems you got never in contact with RastafarI in the real world. Yes of course you will claim that you did. But your way of conduct tells a lot.
And besides that, you will not find one single Rasta house which will not deal with Christ and the Bible. That again shows that you never came into contact with Rasta out there.
There are many Youths who come... mostly white youths... and they imagine something different when they hear of Rasta. And when they come they get frustrated like a little child because this is not what they made up in their mind.

And what now? You come to blame these people here just because Rasta is not what you expected and imagined? From the earliest times Rasta is exactly all those things which you reject.

You ever learned about Pinnacle and the Gong Guru Maragh Howell? They were dealing with Christ and the Bible.
You ever learned about the Youth Black Faith? Congo Bongo Watto? The Nyahbinghi House? I n I too deal with Christ and the Bible from ever since.

So what you want? You want Rasses who hail Marcus Garvey?
Then I would suggest to sight up Bobo Shanty. But I warn you, they too deal with Christ and the Bible.

You want Rasses who hail Marley?
Then I suggest you should sight Twelve Tribes of Israel Organisation. But it is needless to say how they also deal with Christ and the Bible. And I suggest this is not the right place for you anyway, since you don't like white folks.

So now I gave you a list of RastafarI Houses and Organisations since back in the days, and all of them are/were hailing Christ, the Bible and God.
So maybe it is YOU who should reconsider if Rasta is the right thing for you?

Be true to yourself

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/15/2007 12:18:38 PM

Don't listen to him, Boboshanti do NOT deal with Jesus Christ, or Yashua, or any of the ways in which they talk about the Jesus in the Bible who was crucified by the Romans. That is a fallacy.

We talk of what CHRIST means. We talk of the anciency of Christ livity. We are referring to the Christ heart concept spoken of in all indigenous African senses of spirituality. We talk of Emmanuel, BLACK CHRIST because he was of the high priest order of CHRIST. It has nothing to do with Xtianity... nothing to do with the bible reliant doctrine of Christ.

Emmanuel is black Christ in the anciency of African spirituality.

We acknowledge that the Christ who is referred to in the Bible and by Ithiopian Coptic Church is also an African Christ of that ancient livity. But we are not secure enough of the specific translations by order of King James. For the character that lived in that iwah and in that location and spoke up for the African King and Christ livity, we applaud and support. However, we have enough of our own Christs, and enough of our own prophets in our time and in our own proven history to spend all the energies on this one character, the details of which have been played about with, and even in whose so called name so many atrocities have been committed on I-Christly people!

In fact it is in loving memory of that Christ and all his principles that InI refute over reliance on the Bible. I'm pretty certain that if that Christ was around in this Iwah, he would be doing the same thing.

Details relating to immaculate conception and walking on water are irrelevant to InI - true or false.

Black Christ Emmanuel teach InI that InI are original African beings and it is our job to aspire towards and manifest ourselves through CHRIST livity (not Jesus doctrine) to reinstate ourselves as Man & Womban of Rights, hence God & Goddess in flesh.

There are a lot of CONfused but well intended people in here.

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Haile Selassie I