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I am God?

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Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/6/2007 7:55:58 PM

You might not be called blood BECAUSE blood is only what's inside of you but does not constitute you, its like the vital organs n cells, these are body parts not a human being. We are Gods because God made the whole of us in HIS image, to look reflect HIS works. If its blaspehmous to call yourself after your Creator then what kind of relationship do you have? A master/servant one? No we are made in HIS image so it stands to reason we too are God as human, and from that flows different spiritual overings of God. Christians call themselves after Christ but they are not Jesus neither is it blasphemous same thing with Rastas, after Rastafari but its not blasphemy but an acknowledgement that we are made in the Most High's likeness. So in turn I can call myself by God's name, GOD for if I cannot be called by my Father's name by whose name am I to be called?

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/6/2007 8:58:38 PM

stick to the point brethren
The brethren asked "Isnt claiming to be GOD blasphemy?" and your answer is " if its blaspehmous to call yourself after your Creator then what kind of relationship do you have?" ?
To be called by your Fathers Name is the same thing as claiming to be God now ?

The i said
" So in turn I can call myself by God's name, GOD for if I cannot be called by my Father's name by whose name am I to be called?"

who said you shouldnt call yourself by your Fathers Name? This reasoning was about some actually claiming to be the Father.
read that again. Feels different doesnt it?
much simpler to say I am God, the human mind can justify that with a lot of so called "spiritual" concepts and ideas. But when a man comes to you and claims straight... I am the say Fyah

i will never understand the need some feel to complicate such a simple thing.
I am made in HIS likeness and image. Thats it. doesnt make me HIM.
I myself am not so bad at drawing...if any of the i dem care to sit for i, i can make a pretty good likeness of you.

by the way, since when is Gods Name God?

Rastafari Is

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/7/2007 3:48:23 AM

First off at no point did I reveal my gender but you assume that I am male and refer to me as brethren on two occassions (in this post and a previous one)- what makes you so sure I am male or is that sympotamtic of the overtly patriarchal discourse of Rastafari? Reasoning is not solely a male forum but open to all, I assume its a gender neutral zone but continually patriarchal language characterises the posts. That's a product of societal attitudes within Rastafari that have to be modified in order to have a pluralistic, all-inclusive gaze.
Moving onto your comments if you are called by God's name - Ras K God's name is God or Sellasie, Most High, Lord, JAH, YWHWH, as the Ible itself says I am a God of many names - so why ask since when is God's name God - would you have preferred JAH, Most High or what? God is called God and many other names, I wrote in capitals to place emphasis on the fact that we too are God.
And if you call yourself by your Father's name does it not mean you are your Father? Why would you call yourself something you are not if you did not recognise that you are God. Yes I am God, I am God in HIS likeness and I have my own special Godly abilities of creation, meditation and worldly knowledge. I am HIM on earth that's how I come to know myself and I perform as God in this earthly domain as one given the responsibility to look after the earth, the ability to create from invention and investigate the intricacies of this earth, the ability to walk on water like Christ, to fast etc So how am I not God, nothing is beyond me but that does not mean I am infalliable, I still recognise my human flaws as I am God in the flesh not spirit so becoming the fullness of God is a process and something I must grow into. I was socialised into a human way of life so I must now re-discover my gift as God, so yes I fyah because I am the Father, fyah burn bright within because its JAHfyah still. Bless

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/7/2007 5:50:30 AM

My Humble apologies for i error I sistren, but fyah for pon anyone who tries to drag the whole of Rastafari into what is simply my own mistake.

Why dont you go to the post titled "Over" and see what i have been mistaken for

I wanted to go over your remarks one by one and reply, but the more i look at it , the more i think this is pointless.
All your reasoning here, it has no ground to stand on. Better you come back down to earth. i mean you make such foolish statement as " And if you call yourself by your Father's name does it not mean you are your Father?" How does this even make sense

" I am HIM on earth that's how I come to know myself "

What can i say to hear a Rastafari say that but be saddened by it. Well nothing new under the sun, Jah did lead i people out of Egypt, but well, we all know the rest of that story.

But the funniest thing sistren, is how you try to give examples for why you are God
I would have thought that to a woman, especially to a Rasta earth woman, the God-given ability to creat new life would have been at the top of the list of examples. yet i find you talking about walking on water.

oh and since you talk of the Ible so much, why dont you explain to me if as you say we are all " God in the flesh "why all the prophets from incient times were prophecising that JAh would one day walk on earth as a MAn in Flesh

Rastafari Is

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 6/7/2007 6:21:00 AM

Haile I

Brethren Kebre Ab, to me it seems as if you get a bit angry very easily about views and opinions which you don't share. Is this kind of an aggressive tone I see in the way you're reasoning?
There's no need to get angry about each and everything we don't agree with or which we maybe just don't understand. sight.

No, I do not see any controversy in my last statement, brethren. But actually I see it quite similar like you, in a way. Take a time to look behind the words and phrases before you get angry... maybe there you will see some things in common. A wise man once said, even the greatest wisdom put into words sounds like childish foolishness. This man is said to have been Sidhartha... or the buddha.

Now this brings me already to my point.
His Majesty explained to us how poor our christian thinking would be if we weren't open minded towards eastern philosophy.
A buddhist will tell you that he is god... for the sanscrit scriptures say, your soul is the whole universe. The same thing will be told to you by any Bobo Ingel. But did you ever see a more humble man walking this earth than a real budhist or Bobo?

I am against foolish arrogance and not being humble same way like you. But in my eyes coming to the philosophic unerstanding of the oneness in JAH does not have anything todo with arrogance.

So let me try to explain the statement you didn't understand.
As you know well, like I do, we do not speak about gods in plural as we know there is only one god. So what's the use of this question?
I say you are god if you are one with god. I do not say I am god, because I do not feel to have reached this state yet(and maybe I will never, like most people)... otherwise I would be able to move mountains... literally!
This is about philosophy and spirituality. There are things we can't understand.... there are actually people who step over the water. You have such holy people not just in asia... you have them also in Ethiopia. This is the highest state... the complete oneness in JAH.

In this world there is only one creator and one power. So if you become powerful than this is because HE gives you that power.... you become a part of that power. This is my understanding.
I do not say I praise my self.... I praise JAH... but I do not praise in any direction to any imagination.... I praise JAH in the here and now, in the oneness of all being.
We learn that our body is the temple of the Most High which houses our life. So we learn that JAH is Life. When we say our body is the temple of the most high, it would be a vain imagination to believe that there is somewhere a hole between our organs where JAH dwells.
No, we learn from natural science that all matter is made of energy, energy makes neutrons, protons, electrons, and they make atoms, atoms make matter, and so on. All matter is traced back to energy and we know energy is power which creates all things.... but we also know that JAH is the ONLY creator.

So we are always IN JAH and a part of JAH. Spiritually spoken it's up to you how much we want to become one with him. He created us and not we ourselves... but now that we are created... we have developed a mind and personality, so we can decide to become one with JAH.
All you see is imagination... all matter is energy... everything is God.

I say Man of Right is God in Flesh. Because if you are really a man of right you are one with JAH.

And I think it's obvious that I am not speaking about gods and things like that, before you ask.
I am speaking about ONE God... and this ONE GOD is all being and all existing. If we want to come away from the christian imagination of a guy sitting in the clouds, then we have to turn to spiritual, philosophical and scientific logic. We the Ancient people.... who are connected in the mystics of all religions, as HIM taught us.... know of this from ever since. On all continents we are holy people from times immemorable.

And before you ask, to my overstanding, being humble and giving Itinually thanks and praises to RastafarI Selassie I is the first step to become one with JAH in this Iwah.

Have a blessed day my brethren.
Give Thanks for the reasoning.

Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 6/7/2007 7:05:47 AM

Ras Pidow: Glory to word Glory to sound Glory to the Most High Jah Rastafari

Yes Haile I Selassie I, He is de owner-founder of Sun Moon and Stars, Man Woman and Children. Green herb, heat, air, water. And all creeping things upon de face of dis Earth dat have breath. Dose dat fly within de midst of heaven and dose dat are hidden from de face of man. Internally live! JAH RASTAFARI! Let all living things call HIM. He is without father, He is without mother, without beginning of days nor end of time.

Hebrews 7 declare it biblically: no descent. Having neither beginning of days. He is Priest Melchisedek yet Father yet Mother. Without void without form, yeet void yet form. All void and all form. Unsearchable!

Coming thru Lineage, Throug even Jes-us Christ 2000 years ago. Coming thru Judah who proved a better Testamant than (Levi)-Priest Melchisidek. As it is written in Hebrews 7. Coming thru Acts 2nd, (29th) verse as it is said, Men and brethren, let me freely speak of the Patriarch David who is now dead and buried. But his Sepulchre is here with us now. Understand dat!

And thru the lineage according to de flesh, thru David line Christ must return to reign upon His Throne. Haile I Selassie I is greater David greater Son, who stand to rule and reign worldwide.

Unfathomamble! The Master Builder of Creation. The Almighty in Person, Natural Man. Haile Selassie is a title given to Ras Tafari. Malachi first declare it. The heathen shall shook at His great and dreadful name.

Ras means King. Tafari mean Head Creator. He is Redeemer, King, Creator, in bliss, returned to reign forever! Jeremiah declare it: Iam black, astonishment is being taken out upon me. Iam one forever. So as de Sun is one, so Haile Selassie I, The Might of the Trinity JAH RASTAFARI is one. One heart, one love, one moon, one earth, one life, so there must be one God. The Almighty JAH RASTAFARI!

I and I was being taken away as captive´, surely from a long long time ago.. I and I still was in Egypt and Jah bu´st de sea in two, wit Nyahbinghi music! Through de temple of Moses and man walk on dry ground. Jah gwy do it again.

Dis day I shall bring de captivity, in dis decade, of Judah and Jerusalem, Ithiopia, when all eyes shall see and know dat Haile Selassie I JAH RASTAFARI reign forever, and forever. For Angels will be coming falling down before HIM.

He touched Lightning and it scorched! He rebuked de wind, and chastised thunder. He is Almighty in Supreme Supremacy. Ruleth among de Mighties. HIM alone. De only international Field Marshall General, Haile I, Selassie I, JAH RASTAFARI! To de world..Selah.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/7/2007 7:14:26 AM

Irie, I think my comment on gender was directed at you Ras K but also as general comment to what my experience has been in my interactions with Rastafarians not only this forum so hold your fyah I. But on the subject of God, the overing of saying you are God is to have that oneness with God as a way of connecting with your Maker but understanding that you too are a Maker, a Spiritual Being with mighty abilities. True, I did not speak about childbirth (again you show prejudice here because having a child is not a solely the effort of a woman, she carries the gift of life yes but seed is planted by both man and woman) but that does not mean its not a miraculous act affirming I am God. Walking on water is no less a Godly act than a child growing in one's body - there seems to be a hierarchical preference you are giving to birth...Both have incredible importance in their given contexts.
The whole point of acknowledging yourself as God is to get away from orthodox religion that teaches you to see God as unreachable, that we must pray to some medium like Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, the Pastor in the Church in order to access God as we ourselves are not good enough to talk to God one on one - or even see ourselves as equals with God. And yes I am God's representative on this earth, I am God as flesh, but that does not mean I do not show deference to the Most High God. When prophets prophesied they spoke of this Most High God, this is my Maker who will walk as flesh, seen?
This is a reasoning forum I and to call statements foolish reduces this to pettiness. Back your word but don't dismiss others with such terms that border on rude - sounds harsh but that's my view.
And to Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa give thanks, your overing on the matter is a most irie one, bless.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/7/2007 9:42:59 AM

Ises to InI humbled in the awesome and iverlasting unbeggotten cause of Iration. All praises and virtue are reserved for the throne, on which seateth InI Majesties Emperor Haile I Selassie I, Sunball King and iver burning fiyah... and HIM loyal & virtuous wife and Empress Menen I Selassie I, moonflower, Earth-Mother, Queen Omega... Iniversal Iawta, Ausar!

I'm new to this forum, and not sure if I will be reposting, but I was moved iritically and had to jump in here and say something... even if it is only to blaze a hottah fiyah on the words of one, who is said to be a "womb"an and has placed the fallacy of walking on water anywhere near the Iternal and iverlasting REAL-ity of child birth. How many times have you seen somebody walk on water..? Yet every day InI take breath and know not from where our lifebreath comes?

I suppose the I likes the fallacy of Adam and his ribcage, Eve? Yet every day the I awakes, takes a shower and looks down onto the belly button, where InI iverlasting mark of life salvation and innection to the womb is there to remind InI of the blessing of iration.

And you say you are who? God? And you say you like Holy Prince Emmanuel's talk of InI as God and Goddess in flesh? Did you ever hear of Prince Emmanuel declare himself GOD? Mi say STRAIGHT RED HOTTAH FIYAH blaze and purge ego and vanity. RED!

I do overs the general essence of the philosophy the I them are trying to deal with. But like the one General there warned unuhs about, these dealings are of the ego and are to be avoided lest the I become cursed with meglomania and are torn from the kind nurturing of Queen Omega, Mother Earth... who is no servant of yours. Who, as a living organism, is mightier than any of the I will ever be on your current ights. She, who can smash you to pieces with the force of her waves, the same waves that in playful kindness can float your lilo bed that InI may laze on the waves and pay homage to the sun rays, from which InI melanin was irated to protect, lest they be too harmful. Yet they are not.

I pour another fiyah on the I who quote out Bobo Shanti name and fill up the reputation with folly. Bobo Shanti never say they are God. Yes InI are filled with intention to live up, do right, love rights, love love and love one another... on this path, InI see JAH face in the faces of all man... and nurture JAH within... not to say we are then God, but we REAL-eyes ourselves as being of God... closer to him in image, in thoughts, in words, and in works.

If InI are God... and there are 10 such people in the room... there are 10 Gods? Right? So, what is it that caused 10 flesh to stand up in a room and proclaim themself God.

Maybe Sistrin, at some point in time, when InI knew of our own divine Self in a fullness, overstood InIselves as cogs in the Iniversal wheels of JAH Creation, and hence were Godly in every breath and in every act. Our blessings at that time would match the intensity of our covenant, maybe at that time the waves might yeild to our command, at the time where InI may have held open counsel with the Ilaments and reasoned. But in this Iwah, here... InI look to the God without... the God of the winds, of the seas, of the eternal sky, the God of the seat of Iration... JAH Ras Tafari... Haile I Selassie I.

I humble myself and livicate InIself to a covenant with HIM. I accept that I have become void of Godliness, plagued with iniquity by the machinations of the Anti-christ society. InI house of Israel is led astray into bondage and captivity. And as Moses was said to be sent to rid the Israelites out of the wages of indecency... and forward into Zion, cleansed by the High Priest and ready to receive praise and favour from the Most High again, so here for InI is the Black Christ, Father Moses, High Priest after the order of Melchezidek.

From HIM will I seek my guidance and find my way forward into human divinity. But for now, I stay humble and stick to my covenant and remain in awe and gratitude when the mystic passes over InI, feels the meditations of my heart, hears that I open my mouth and pray Ras Tafari & Empress Menen I fill it, sees the works of my hands... and grants InI divine favour as a shield (Psalms 4).

Is the I so pure that you can find the audacity to call yourself God? Already?

And on a final note... mi blaze more fiyah again for any girl who starts to pipe up this Western propaganda talk about Mansions of RasTafari being overtly patriarchal in their discourse. RED HOT! InI know the King & Queen crowned same time! Seen? And all real RasTa Man and Womban know so too. Those who are CONfused about this fundamental detail are those torn up in the Roman dichotomy of man & woman. Some foolish ones want to find a solution for that, using the same restrictive rhetoric. Any man who is confused as to what his gender signifies in the role of iniversal balance will have problems in the house of RasTafari. Any woman who is confused as to the iniversal significance of her gender in the context of balance will also have issues.

Never play down the overpowering spiritual significance of your womb, Sistrin. That is a judgement call. And you never want to be in the position of knowing what it is to lack the blessing. Talking of yourself as God will not help the I in them times. Sight?

The man dem plant the seed, not the man and woman. It is InI who grow it from a seed into another ilaful representation of living Ivine humanity, a singular and unique species in the image of Ras Tafari.

If the I can tell me exactly how it is done within InI womb, as it is in the Heavens... then I will call you God too?

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/7/2007 11:21:05 AM

Now I know why I didn't want to raise the issue of childbirth and gender to begin with because it always gets into heated arguments and I don't want to come across as someone whose on the offensive. Having said that I do not underestimate the own power of my womb, of course it strengthens I, I have no doubt of that and like I said it takes two to create that blessed child. That ability to pro-create blessed to I n I gives us a special power and as a blessing to create the Most High's image then surely that creation too must be the Most High too. I said in DIFFERENT contexts walking on water and child birth could be considered, I didn't want to say one was better than the other because each has its place in the Ible - as Mary conceived and was mother of Jesus, He too performed Godly acts by giving sight to the blind, the loaves and fish parable, walking on water. Because I didn't see something doesn't mean its not true, if you never sight the ten commandments but believe as they are written do you dispute them? If you have cannot find the bones of Adam and Eve does it mean you do not believe in them? There are some who've never seen images of Sellasie or read HIS works but they still hail HIM as JAH, King of Kings, but are you going to question their beliefs because them never sight an image of The Man? Its a question of faith and ancient teachings of the abilities gifted to us are based on the notion of faith, the Raj Yoga chant Om Shanti (oceans of peace)seeks to embody peace through meditation, opening up that tiny powerful point of light within us to have outer body experiences and take the shape of other beings like an animal in a different historical time and place like the Sangha monks. Its on the principle that the body is a physical vessel for the soul, but we are really souls.
All things are possible through the Most High, we quest for that deeper overstanding of HIM.
And as for Rastafari and gender biases, you have good patriarchs and you have bad patriarchs. I have some very good brothers I rose with and they always held me in high regard and I reciprocally hold them in the same high regard, but then my sisters and I have met other brothers whose views endorse oppressive masculinist beliefs. So please sister reality is there are prejudices against sisters within Rastafari. You might not have experienced it, but surely I have. Have some brethren never said all sisters have no spirits, they are all Dinah or a woman cannot come to Rastafari light on her own but through her King, but a brother can be come into the light by virtue of that he is male???? Or someone who refuses to greet a sister because her head is not fully covered or speak to a sister wearing pants? What do you call that? Identifying this as a Western interpretation of gender relations is wrong, people tend to raise that defence yet this about Rasta and women in Rasta not Rasta and the West. Don't deny what's there just to save face, in principle yes I n I are equal, in practice we ought to seek that balance between man and woman where brethren and sistren compliment each other on a spiritual and physical level. African cosmology seeks this balance and unity between the sexes however SOME people get clouded by the struggles for power and forget the balance but seek to dominate...
If we say we are God its not a vain thing, its just an acknowledgement of what one is and its still giving praise to the Almighty who made it possible. Its a way of getting past hierarchies and orthodox perspectives that teach you to fear God instead of getting closer to HIM, the more you know of yourself, the more you know God and the more you know God, the closer you get to yourself, as an inward reflection like looking in the mirror. So when I see Sellasie image 'pon my wall every morning, I see me in HIM and HE is in I. Seen?

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/7/2007 12:02:55 PM

Yes Iyah, I love the reduction in tone... this is how I know InI Sistrin in Omega Ights can reason still!

I hear what the I is saying about prejudices of weak hearts of men under locs. But InI know that I King crowned the Empress same day, same platform, throne to the Right. And true Empress, I am yet to experience degradation in Ras Tafari. The judgement for ones and ones who see only Delilah in womban is that they shall see only Delilah. Selah.

Not everybody under locs is Ras Tafari, even those who claim to be. Ras Tafari is a livity, a truth livity that stands alone. Without man or woman to live up to it, it would still be lived by the direction of the wind and the setting of the sun.

You see the problem is this over reliance on the Bible... a book of adolescence in comparison to the anciency of this livity. The most ancient holy words are written on KMTic stone temple walls, where InI King is granted the fruit of divine knowledge by the Iniversal Goddess (birth). He is brought forth to sit on the throne that rests on the head of the Iniversal Goddess, and in turn the King crowns InI as Queen to represent the iverlasting creational balance.

So, the ights of knowledge on which the reasoning relating to the ights of the Dawta Zion relative to her Kingman has anchorage is in the anciency of this creational message. The King is crowned in His own creation (see belly buttons and not rib cages), in praise of this glory he crowns the Queen: iternal Mother, irational iniverse within the womb.

It is a fact that the true Ights of Ras Tafari cannot be reached without the balance. Ok... western mysogynistic inheritance has meant that the King's are mixing this up with saying that woman alone cannot reach the ights without the man. Little do these types know that their ivels are already mash up... and they better go find a Queen if they wanna remedy that!! LOL. Not realising that their true power is in the creation of their own throne... but this is part and parcel of the dis-ease that has removed InI from our God-like-ness.

So, Sistrin... two wrongs do not make a right. Do not follow the confused into the folly. It is better to march alone into hell, than follow a bunch of fools into heaven. Stick to InI absolute truth ivels... there is no prejudice, no folly, no illusion, and no confusion on the mystical and imperial Ights of Ras Tafari. All those things are blaze out as folly and destruction.

You are correct to see Jah Ras Tafari within... and even better as I-womban to see Empress Menen Queen Omega Mother Earth within... and allow that knowledge to manifest. This is our itribution to the gates of Ras Tafari.

I know that the I is not about that subversive power struggle anyway. I can tell that. But InI are the Mothers, it is for us to temper our homes. Look around us... all we see is Delilah in one form or another... if all around InI see womban who sight the Empress as exemplary de facto... who then will cry about the spiritual void of femininity?

I have never been more glorified in the nature of I_self than in the embrace of Ras Tafari.

By the way it is fact and not speculation that the concept of mysogyny is European in origin.

More guidance.

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Haile Selassie I