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Reasoning with bredren and sistas about RASTA

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Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 6/18/2007 11:59:57 AM

Ises My Lord

Well, there is differnece between just reading your bible, and studying the bible. His Majesty told us to read and study.
I for myself read different bible versions in different languages since that is the best thing to do when studying the bible.
I would not stick to one version only, no matter which one it may be.

Although Jehova Witnesses claim to be bible scollars, there bibles are far away from literal authenticity. When I spoke to a JW he told me that it is not about the literal words, but about sounding nice with nice words and stories told in a nice way. And they really claim to be bible experts?

I too came to reason with a JW and he too told me that Eden was not in Africa. Then I showed these so called bible schollars the truth in Genesis which speaks of KUSH. Then I showed them KJV ETHIOPIA mentioned and proved that this is the original greek translation. They didn't know what to say.
I personally think they keep you down, reasoning with them does not make much sense after some time.


Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/18/2007 12:20:39 PM


Yea them people are a trip, I likek their suit though.hahah. Naw but sereously they are really nice people IF you go along with exactly what they say. If you fall out of line though then theres trouble. But anyway I mean anything I read I study and examine. Even if its a instuction manual or a stupid magazine, knowledge is a wonderful thing and you can learn from much. I even like to read from the asians points on love and death and bagadavita and so. But you know I dont know how to read in different languages. How many can you speak? What do I do you know?

Bless up!

Messenger: Elijah Sent: 6/18/2007 3:51:45 PM


I wouldn't say that I know Bible even well, on this forum for sure the I will find better scholars then I. I couldn't say as well how many times I've read it, because I don't know, I've never read it in one go (this method doesn't make sens to I. It is not story book, it is Icyclopedia of Ivity Wisdom.)
I don't even remember when I started to read it, it could be about age of 10-11 since now. I got my first Bible from my honorable great-grandmother, she was only one evangelic (Lutheran) in whole my family, dominated by catolics, atheist and orthodox, so She was the One who brought the Word to I. I use to read (and still do so) Bible printed in my native language, which first edition was printed in 1632 in Danzig (by lutheran congregation), translated from original languages (so no influence of KJV in it, and it is in original XVII century language), I do also read KJV english version, but only if I want to compare some verses, how they were translated to english.

The most important, I suppose, it is not great deal what version do the I read, as long the I is reading it.
I method is:
I think What I need to ask JAH for, then I Pray, Read and Meditate.
The answer is always there, some times immediately or within few days.
I found in Bible (don't remember which book), that the answer from JAH will always come after 7 days.

The quotation that I put on the forum are from Fetha Nagast and the choice of Bible verses was done by HIM, so it is not my wisdom, I am just a humble messenger .
Give Thanks and Praises to the Most High JAH.

Dominic, the I made very good point, Bible is a people Bible, it is the people who try to give it a color, don't worry I's self, read it and believe in JAH guidance, He will be there to tell I the True.
If the I will have questions, bring them to I and I forum, hopefully here will be someOne to help the I to overstand.

Last matter, JW are people like any others, but they use the Word of Bible like computers, them have a lot of information, but are unable to overstand them.

Blessed Love
Love Rastafari

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/18/2007 8:55:13 PM


Elijah, thanks bredren. I for years have read the bible in sections. chapters here, books there. I have done this sooo much that I know alot from the bible, but I always felt to KNOW the whole message from the bible you gotta read it in order. Its cool to see someone like me. So you think you can read it in pieces and check it the same? If there is other versions in the world though that are less corrupted than some, then why still settle for the corrupted versions? If we have better material then why settle for less? I realize what you mean about the truth revealing itself. The message of forgiveness and kindness and them things are easy to see in the bible. Im talkin about the History aspect of it though. I dont know Kings JAmes but from the name I am stereotyping I guess but he dont sound like he wrote the bible in the benefit for black people. Where that king from? prolly England or Germany or something. The TRUE MESSAGE of the bible cant be lost through Human lies, but I think the history can be lost. If the history couldnt be lost then why do most people have suck screw interpretation of it ?

Thanks for your knowledge bredren


Messenger: acroyear Sent: 6/18/2007 10:00:32 PM

it was a lutheran version then? i was looking for some point of reference to start some personal reading.

Messenger: still looking Sent: 6/18/2007 10:06:41 PM


please do not take offense to this but aren't your words towards the JW similar to what happen to me?

"they are really nice people IF you go along with exactly what they say. If you fall out of line though then theres trouble."

couldn't you picture me saying the same thing here?

sorry, it just struck me as familiar.


Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/19/2007 11:20:40 AM

Greetings still looking,

Im not sure what your talking about really, I mean NEVER have I said a bad or even small negative vibe to no one in here. Where did your coment come from just now? Me and my bredren be talkin about bible versions and scriptures and them things and JW's were just a symbol to use so I can overstand MY true questions.

Dont take offense to this either but I mean I have NO idea what point you tried to get at with ya question. I guess people have had trouble with you cause you fell out of line, but whats that got to do with me? as a matter of fact when you were called a idiot I said Naw call him a idiot you know? Bredren My post aint about you. Its about US as a whole and your question is a little off da wall and kind of based around yourself and not knowledge. Stay cool and dont get mad, I just dont overstand how your question relates to Me finding wisdom on bible versions dig?

Still I believe you have much wisdom to share with the people and much love for that. I have bredren similar to you. A rebel. Read the beginning of THIS Topic you know. I got love for all the people, and I aint here to squabble and argue and ask questions that I know people cant overstand and answer and this and that. IM here to find what small fraction of wisdom is actually here among all the people here trying sooooo desperately to cling on to a site where THEY can finally be heard and where THEY can finally talk. Well Im here to listen and ask humble questions.

You adressed my name in a topic along with Ten, broD and some other bredren but I dont overstand that either? what is it YOU here for what is it YOUR gaining from being here? how will this help YOU and YOUR family. And finally how are YOUR actions here affection the ability of others to overstand dig?

Its hard for me to commuincate with a machine, Im a man and men talk to eachother to the face to make sense of things in a natural way, so If you really wanna reason then come to my town, I would stay awake and burn till the sun came up.

Thank you Elijah,BroD, Ten and soooo many others who are continually helping me shape a better tomorrow in the name of JAH JAH. BLess you all.

That goes for the rest of the RASTAFAR-I too. If my bredren and Sistren want to REALLY reason then come to my town, but I feal that people will be far away from overstanding eachother to the fullest in a media fashion way. WE gotta use what JAH gave us to Come toghether. Mind, Body and Spirit

While I could talk forever my hand cant type forever but I would be delighted to actually MEET someone from here and it seem to me most people caught up in jobs and babylon that they cant travel or do those kind of things.

Thank you for everyone who has brought knowledge to my eyes. I very much thank all of you for this. Even in times of Dispute and arguing I can sit back and watch others and gain wisdom from it. Bredren ARK I , thanks for all.

Much love and respect to all my people!


Messenger: still looking Sent: 6/19/2007 6:49:56 PM

you made a little remark of how jw are nice if you agree with them but watch out if you disagree.

people here have been guilty of the same thing towrds I (i didn't single you out). they were fine with i until i disagreed.

what is it only good to see faults in others that we do not consider our friends or people?

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/19/2007 7:50:10 PM


Messenger: still looking Sent: 6/19/2007 9:26:08 PM

where does the i live---ini will be taking a motorbike trip to albuquerque. leaving this saturday--if the i is on the route it would be irie to meet up.

i agree with you--this cyber business not really a good way to communicate as compared with face to face.
let i know


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