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Reasoning with bredren and sistas about RASTA

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Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/12/2007 8:21:02 AM

Blessed Love one & all... Empress One... ah pure oneness & Iniversality. Greetings...

I think that Dominic, the I should take a real look at what the Iemple HIMrulesWEall has advised to the I... because to be fair, I think it seems like essentially the I is confused about certain things. There are no differences in RasTafari gates, particularly not in the way the I speak it. There are no Rasta who do not sight the Ivinity of Ras Tafari Haile Selassie. They may be righteous, earthly, iritical people... but they are not Rasta. Ras Tafari is a livity and an awareness and a covenant, based on a core and central inner overstanding of who God is... who JAH is.

Do not be fooled by ones and ones who love the Rasta ibes, and can get with the One Love philosophy, so that's enough for them to qualify themselves as Rasta. Not possible. The discrepancies in translations, and as such how individuals find a translation of a core truth that resonates within leads to what we can see as different mansions of RasTafari, or windows to seek to find, as the Honourable Iawta referenced.

I overs what the I is getting at when the I say, Rasta livity is ancient and came "before" Selassie I. I am a staunch and fervent member of HIM house, so under normal circumstances I would have to blaze a fiyah on that word sound still Idren... but I can see that it is ignorance of the facts of mystic Iration that has caused InI to stumble and debate on the specifics of truth. Idren-I, what the I needs to overstand before InI can "qualify" as RasTafarI is that Haile I Selassie I IS the descendancy of man. To fulfill prophecy, he made himself visible in flesh, for those who have eyes and ears to hearken to the dawn of the appointed time. InI need only read the front pages of newspapers since I-King & Emperor came to warn dem, and see that the society of man is denigrating into their own destruction, as prophecy reveals to InI. God never dead... and his flesh representation is amongst InI at all times, only when He deems fit to make HIMself visible (i.e. internationally famous) is when InI see HIM and start arguing about HIM ivinity. But that is no never mind for righteous plan.

When the Christ disappeared into the desert before he returned to his people at the age of 30ish to administer the refined message, he simply went to Ithiopia. That's a fact. He returned as the son of God. In this period of time, the term "son of..." was interchangeable with disciple, student, mentee, follower, etc. What I'm trying to get at is that the Christ was called early to the throne of Ithiopia, to send a message of redemption to the African Hebrew's under oppression from Greek and Roman Imperialism of the day. We know Christ was a Nazarite, and we overs what that meant to his livity and his covenant. Selah. Even within the Islam tradition, their prophets and scholars have been related to Ithiopia long time.

To cut it short and sweet... the I, Dominic is here in flesh... descended from your great, great, great grand parents... and as a genealogical fact, the I is a descendant of an originating man. So if the I remains as proof of the existence of your forebears, and the first man rose in Ethiopia... and I have no doubt that in a time when men of power were accorded power because they were men of peace and men of God, the first man and his lineage would have been crowned King of all Kings. Does the I think he never had babies, never descended in flesh and in spirit to now?

Don't let this castle in the clouds mentality take the I away from the awesome glory of the mystic of our real and tangible existence. Haile Selassie I was titled the Power of the Holy Trinity to indicate his role in his fleshical dispensation at the time. All things have come to pass since and as they have been outlined.

Righteousness is power in the glory of JAH and HIM Iration... however righteousness in the wisdom of the truth of JAH Ras Tafari Haile I Selassie I, mystical and REAL Father of Iration, first man, most ancient Monarchy and Father of African redemption, is supreme and overwhelming.

It is true that many are called to sight Haile Selassie I and what he signifies... but few choose themselves to see the wholesomeness of that truth. It is a difficult barrier to cross and it is about surrender to the natural Irits of the core knowledge of (human) Being.

Ras Tafari is the generous blessing of the power of the Irational force set amongst InI to guide and protect the Ivine beings in HIM image. Why not? Ras Tafari is not Jesus, he is not even the Christ. It is Ras Tafari life & principles that the Christ came to tell the people about. The African God of Ethiopia/Eden that dwells amongst man.

Even the "Gods" of the ancient Greek world used to sojourn to the mountains of Ethiopia (Heaven/Eden.. whatever... Ethiopia, still) to visit with God and his Angels. I'm not joking, check it out. It is all there for InI to see. We are not living in no hollywood show of heaven in the clouds, the glory and reward of our Creation is right here amongst us, so is the proof of truth, so is our Father, God, King & Emperor.

I think somebody said it earlier, and it is absolute truth... only to InI self may I be accountable... and that is no cop out for anybody because the truth of your iditations remain in the I heart for the I to live with. That is no bad thing if you're not a bad person. But real RasTa know Iselves because InI look upon the faces of the Hola Ithiopian throne and feel Haile blessed in the ease with which InI digest the awesome, comforting and most rewarding truth. It is from the East, from the Mountains of the East which InI salvation comes and in this Iwah that is a very essential truth to bear. There is no getting away from it regardless of how we wanna pretty it up so that we can be more accepted by, and accepting of the majority of society. The majority of society (North, South, East & West) is washed up and that is another truth.

Sorry to go on forever... this is an important detail to me. Give thanks for the reasoning.

One perfect Irational love.

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/12/2007 1:03:54 PM

Greetings in the name of the most high JAH

I two days ago meet bredren from Jamaica who now live in Houston texas. We meet at the wakarusa music festival, here in my town lawrence kansas. We meet much in the same way as myself and bongo did downtown. (Bongo is our bredren from zimbabwe)My bredren from the music festival were bobo shanti. They a very disciplined RASTA. I reasoned with them, the same way I reasoned with bongo. And I reasoned with bongo the same way I reasoned with the JEHOVA WITNESS. Now we talked about Emanuel, Gadman, the pope, Marucs Garvey and many other people. We Reasoned about all the things. My bredren could see I dont tie my locks in a turban, still it was all love. I could see that my bredren WORKED on the sabath day, but it was still love. I dont know whos position it really is to say. YOUR RASTA AND YOU NOT.

RASTAFARI has been here ever since time begin and InI know this. Selassie I is a great king like David or Solomon but I give my thanks to JAH. Personally I overstand JAH made the earth and universe. I pray to JAH with my heart and soul, threw spiritual worship of love and respect. I speak to my father all the time and he speaks to me. I cant say that I think Selassie I or Christ made the earth. JAH made them so I can say they very special people, but when I pray before I eat I dont chant christ or selassie I name I chant YAHOVIA name. If im in need of help I dont chant Jesus name I chant JAH RASTAFARI, because I overstand when I pray to JAH I respect allah, buddah and all that. True RASTA base their life on love, respect,overstanding, helping others, Nature, Reasoning and all that. True RASTA know this and wont argue back and forth about doctrines made by someone. JAH gave I life so I will live and see the truth formyself. I know that the truth is found in life and living. you cant get salvation from a book or from someone else.

With all love I overstand what you mean. I respect Selassie I and YAHSUS but I am here in this time and I concerned with studying life instead of studying books and other peoples thoughts.


Bless up!

Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 6/12/2007 1:40:20 PM

We have to stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is rules, laws, and rituals, made by man. The reason being, the imperfection of man. the religion has became corrupt, and political, and has been divided, and became a tool in the fight for power. Spirituality is not theology, not ideology. Its simply a way of life, pure and original, that has been given to us by the creator. Spirituality is a net that joins us all together, to the most high and to the universe.

- H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/12/2007 2:41:37 PM

I just can't overstand people who say "JAH Ras Tafari" but then have a lot of footnotes about Haile Selassie I, who he is... if he's just a great king.

I more overstand the bald-head them who say... I honour the life of Ras Tafari and who he signifies for African people, but I can't sight his divinity, so true that... I leave RasTafari for those who do.

That is more reasonable to me than calling the I Self Ras Ta, but sighting only that Ras Tafari is a great king, or special person... or prophet, or whatever. No-one called themself DaVid, or SolOmon... but InI call Iself Ras Tafari!

If I ask the I if you sight Haile Selassie I as the fleshical emobodiment of the Irator and Iration in the flesh... three in one... one in three... power of the Holy Trinity?

Your straight answer would be no.

I just agree with the person who said... people who are actually Ras TafarI, and not simply "good people" have no divisions in their common knowledge. The fact that you sight all these divisions show that you are more in a Rasta "movement".

I think it would encourage your growth if the I embrace this, and surrender to acknowledge the difference. People say InI cannot "do" RasTa... InI have to "be" it, and FEEL RASTA... meaning feel who is Ras Tafari... He is JAH! And that is real.

I'm not saying that there is anything bad with what you're saying. But clearly there is a difference between the way InI sight Ras Tafari, and the way the I does. Right?

I think that the I is wrong, Haile Selassie was not simply another great King in history. He's the King of great Kings, first man and the fullness of God in flesh.

But then, the I thinks I'm wrong, right?

I can't help but feel it is strange to be a Rasta, but see Selassie I in the same way the majority of people see HIM.

I think it's a cop out. Sorry for frankness, I don't mean to be offensive if that is how it feels to the I.

I just always prefer being truthful in reasoning.

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/12/2007 3:41:30 PM

Greetings in the name of the most high JAH

Selassie I teachings is known. He would have not EVER said that he was JAH. He wouldnt say that he is Yesus christ or any of that. Selassie I was the king of kings the bible talk about. A simbol of JAH. A symbol of JAH have to be Selassie I. A symbol for the 7 seal but in reality Selassie I is not who or what created the earth. My bobo bredren believe Selassie I is JAH but not I. TTI even stands for a different philosophy, and they the biggest RASTA group. You seem to be surprised that theres a bredren who thinks different than the most. I have meet others like me. Selassie I in the flesh is as much part of JAH as you and I the trees and the oceans.

Im sorry if I offend you but im here to reason forward in peace. Much love


Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/12/2007 3:57:11 PM

It might not be what I believe but I overs what the I says and I've met other Rastas who profess the same philosophy, but do you believe that Sellasie I is manifestation of God as man, but not the Creator as the Rassies I've met?...But then if Sellasie can be God as man then surely HE is the Spirit too on that score would you call HIM Creator?

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/12/2007 4:51:37 PM

I believe Selassie I was sent by JAH with a purpose on the earth, and he fulfilled his propecy. He came as king of kings in the lineage of david and solomon, Selassie I got the same blood as YAHSUS. As YAHSUS is a prophecy Selassie I is the fullfillemnt of Revelation. When Selassie I was king the earth was at WW2 a horrible time. He came for the 7 seals and shows us were we are in time. Selassie I is a great King who has been overlooked by the world, and is not seen as a sympol in everyones eyes. Instead a cross where YAHSUS died is the symbol...Kind of ironic how babylon carries and celebrates the death of YAHSUS. Anyway I love king Selassie I and his spirit continues on forever and lives in the heart of all the RASTAMAN. I know Iself So I dont owe no one any obligation noone owe me nothin so everything is fine. One Love to all the bredren and sistas who can overstand. I wont call Selassie I JAH when the man prayed to the father himself. I wont say you have to have locks to be RASTA, if the man didnt have locks. I wont say you have to be a vegitarian because I think Selassie I ate meat. The point is JAH is love if you have no love in your heart there aint no hope for you. Reason on that.

Bless UP!

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/12/2007 6:43:13 PM

Yaa Asantewa
" Sorry to go on forever... this is an important detail to me"

I pray the i could keep going some more
never apologise for standing for Selassie I, Ini King and Redeemer, for HE did stand in front of the whole earth and plead InI cause
Fyah cant cool cant quench
Blaze it is a joy to hear the I speak

BLessed Love Iternally
Haile I Selassie I JAH Rastafari
Rastafari Is

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/12/2007 6:57:31 PM

Dominic - I if you say Sellasie I prayed to God and that means you don't think HE was the Almighty, but Jesus prayed to God the Father, yet He was proclaimed the Son of God - in Christian doctrine He forms part of the trinity, therefore son of man is God right? So as you believe Sellasie I was sent by JAH, is HIS MAJESTY not the embodiment of God as messenger/appointee and if we apply the rationale of the Trinity (as Sellasie was the power of the trinity), then surely Sellasie is more than a great king, but the Lion of Judah, Creator come as man. Both Sellasie and Jesus performed miracles and came to save the world, regardless of whom they prayed to and when you acknowledge yourself as Christian or Rastafari, you recognize what each did, for Rasta Sellasie as Christ come again fulfills prophecy. How do you see this prophecy then since God promises He shall return, to I n I God is His Majesty, but you say he was a messenger, is prophecy to be fulfilled or what?

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 6/14/2007 5:52:47 PM

Greetings in the name of JAH the almighty creator of heaven and earth

I am Dominic.My name means FROM JAH. and that is what I am. I am a RASTAMAN because of how I live but im still from JAH. Jesus and Selassie I and all them things are fine and all got significance but I got my own opinions. Im a rebel. When I say I dont see Selassie I as god I dont mean any disrespect. I simply mean this.
Selassie I to me Is the King of Kings, lord of lords conquering lion in the tribe of Judah. He is elect of God, and come from the same family as david who had been blessed by JAH a long time ago. Now Christ was from the same family as well but thats whatever you know. I dont see Jesus or Christ as JAH. JAH works in mysteryous ways. A second for JAH is a thousad years for us. JAH lives in us all, and part of oceans and mountains and all that. JAH JAH is love and is what created all these natural things around us. (not talkin about buildings of course).
Selassie I to me was sent with work to do. when Selassie I was crowned as a KING I can say that he is THE KING OF KINGS. Hes the greatest king ever since. Not just a great king ,the greatest. Now Selassie I to me is a symbol of JAH. JAHSUS had work to do and needed to fulfill prophecy and he did. Selassie I needed to fulfill prophecy and he did. When I say he a symbol dont get me wrong, being a symbol of JAH is powerful enough to move a mountain. Selassie I symbolizes the 7 seals and symbolises strenght against babylon and the wickedness in the world. WHen he talked to the Nations it fulfilled a propecy of a double edge sword from the mouth. Selassie I did much great things and Jahsus did many great things. They both fulfilled propecy and both do not get enough respect from the world as they should.

Me as a RASTA I know Im different from bobo shanti because I dont worship Emanuel and I dont worship Selassie I or Christ.Im not a twelve tribe of israel cause they say Selassie I was a average man, and had not much significance.

I worship the Father JAH-RASTAFARI! I pray I close I eyes then I Iditate. I can feal my connection with the earth and surroundings. I realize my position in the world and where I am today and I know that JAH is life and you can only gain life knowledge from living. Everyones got doctrines and rules and this and that but my rule is life, love, freedom and them things. I pray when I eat because I know JAH grew that food. I dont give thanks for my food to anyone else but JAH-JAH.

I know most people will read this once without even really thinking about what I said. Most people are on here because they want to argue and state their position. Im here to gain wisdom. Since I am a true RASTAMAN I can check the scene. I can speak to EVERYONE, even the wicked, because even the wicked have knowledge. All of you are my bredren my sistas and my queens, I can realize that. Im here for love and reasoning yet some people feal the need to write FYAH BURN. All these things are examples of ignorance which normally not tolerated in RASTA. I often times Realize reasoning on babylon internet is difficult, thats why I think we all need to travel and meet eachother, and use this as a way to meet. I believe in life and actually looking all of you in the eye while we speak to you, because I can guarantee if I looked some of you confused children in the eye you wouldnt chant fire burn my way.

My expression of RASTA is Freedom, Love, OVerstanding, Respect, and them fundamental things. If I were to just go along with what bob marley and Sizzla said like most of you cats here I would be lost as well. Dont get Wrong, BLess up to all of my loving RASTA family for being here and showing much wisdom and overstanding. while being on this site for a short time I have noticed people cussing at eachoter and all sorts of disturbing things, yet the people cussing are the same people to call themselves RASTAS. AND those same people cussing are the hipocrites who call some of my bredren Wolves! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?

Everyone always talkin about this doctrine and this law and trinity this and apostle here and all this madness! I believe in what we have now and what we can do now and whats here for the future and how we can strenghten as a nation of RASTAFARI. MY DOCTRINE IS LOVE. MY RELIGION IS LOVE, MY TRINITY IS JAH,LOVE,LIFE.

Sometimes the internet and chat rooms and words on a computer screen cant describe what a man truely feals. I am too complex to entierly explain myself for the internet and so are the true RASTAS.

Bless up to all Sistren voicing themselves, its time for the world to see a woman have much knowledge.

For all the true RASTA I have much love and respect and if anyone want to truely meet up and reason in person we can. I will travel or have any bredren or sista in my home as guest for the time being.

Bless Up In JAHOVIA name!

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