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Reasoning with bredren and sistas about RASTA

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Messenger: Selahssie i son Sent: 8/19/2007 10:23:32 PM


Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/20/2007 5:46:39 AM

Brother Dominic
Faya is for purification, enlightenment and righteousness so I hope you take I words in that sense: Stand firm in belief, don't waver and believe anything. Many things are said about I Father in an attempt to malign and discredit HIM, like when some Ethiopians cried "Sellasie I thief" when Mengistu stole power. But these were the same to cry sufferation under military rule. Its the same with Yesus Christ - his own disciples betrayed Him and denied Him, but they were his disciples. What I'm saying is there are some things you just know in your heart are untrue, no one needs to verify that for you - your belief should be your guide. If we all said yes its true would you believe it then? You can't jst follow mass opinion, know who you are and what you believe. Stand by your faith and guard it fiercely - that's what makes you a lion. Regardless of whether you believe Sellasie is King Creator or the Greatest Ruler of Africa (as you've said many-a-time) stand firm in what you know, Aya only you have the power to discern what is true and what is not. Blessed Love

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 8/20/2007 7:41:17 AM

Greetings All...

I was a kind of surprised to see the response to the free mason question posted by Dominic. Freemasonry has all its roots in Africa, way prior to European's having any part of it, so an African FreeMason!? try every African ruler of ancient Kemet, then we can talk about Great King Solomon the highest of Freemasons, His Majesty is the highest degree by birth right!!! no doubt about it. If the I's are looking for some kind of European initiation which His Majesty took a part in don't worry about it, I don't think anything like that ever happened. I do think it would be much more worth while for all the I's (including myself) to learn more about the roots of Freemasonry before we all demonize it because of European perversion, and conspiracy theories.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/20/2007 9:00:58 AM

Give Thanks for your words I, I guess faya comes back to I for not remembering that freemasons are an incient movement with roots in the Motherland. I ought to have remembered they (African Freemasons) also have influence in Africa particularly in Francophone countries like Gabon and Benin in motivating for good political change. My first reaction was to think of the Babylon secret society of European Freemasons and American Presidents who belonged to this movement so I humbly apologise to Brother Dominic for being so harsh and dismissive. I've done a search on Sellasie I and this is what I found on Rastafari Speaks, its also been discussed in past forums:

"Haile Selassie was an honorary member of many orders of knighthood from many countries around the world, including Europe. It should be no suprise as to why Britain came to the aid of Selassie. It is these connections with Europe that formed a bond between the European powers and Ethiopia during the time that Ethiopia struggled with the fascist powers. If it were not for the connections that Selassie had, Ethiopia may have fallen to the Italians, etc. w/out the assistance of the British, etc.

The Knights Templars and the Portuguese Knights of Christ have a history in Abyssinia long ago, some even say that they had a hand in building the churches in Lalibela.


"The original founders of the Masons of today were, of course, the Knights Templar about whom much is written today, most of it, unfortunately, nonsense from the point of view of serious historical scholarship. The Templars were organized under the spiritual patronage of the Roman Catholic Saint Bernard of Clairvaux for purposes of protecting and defending the Holy Land from the Saracens. The "Poor Knights" were headquartered near the ruins of the Temple of Solomon and took for themselves the name, "Templar" as a result. They became very influential and powerful and built many castles in Western Europe especially. About 20,000 of them died defending the Holy Land and Jerusalem and their history is not without controversy.

They also had a base in Ethiopia under Emperor Lalibela who then expelled them later. While in Ethiopia, the Templars borrowed heavily from the traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. For example, the well-known "Templar Cross pattee" is that of the Ethiopian Church. Templars wore a cord around their necks in imitation of the religious cord worn by Ethiopian Christians called a "Matab." (The Ethiopians believe that as St Peter was baptising in the River Jordan, he would cut a string from his prayer shawl to tie around the newly baptized person's neck, thus the Coptic tradition still gives out such cords at baptisms and it is also popular in Slavic Orthodox Churches to wear Crosses on cords, rather than chains). Their long white robes were reminiscent of the prayer shawls worn by the Ethiopians etc.

The Templars came to Europe and brought with them the riches of Africa and Asia e.g. chess and medical insights."


This is not to say that Selassie was a member of a European order of Freemasonry per se, but rather that the Abyssinian nation had connections with the order from which the freemasons owe their origination to, i.e. - the knights templar.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 8/20/2007 1:21:06 PM

Give Thanks Ten for following the circle...The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.

His Majesty is the fullness of Freemasonry and there are definately Rastafari People who can articulate the point very well. There are photos of His Majesty which have been described to me as Him engaging in what are Masonic hand shakes and wearing Masonic symbols, and perhaps the most telling could be His Majesty's hand gestures which represent (amongst a host of other things) the Masonic symbol of the compass and square. His Majesty as a master builder has ordered and overseen the construction of many many churches and palaces all examples of His legacy in the Solomonic order of Masonry. So, while we all look to some kind of European initiation ceremony as the qulifiying factor towards who's a Freemason and who's not, we must recoginze that His Majesty needs no such thing for He is the highest degree by birth right!! and we have so many European Freemasons all bowing before Him, they all knew exactly who He was, and His Majesty knew that they knew it too!! if anyone should have been initiating ones as Freemasons it should have been His Majesty. Give Thanks again Ten for not letting this go down the same old way, and I was also glad to see Lalibella mentioned, which is yet another glorious example of Ethiopia being the cornerstone of master building, I've never seen anything quite so unfathomable in the fullness of reality, I feel I could go on and on about the surreal quality of the Lalibella church craftsmanship, which is shrouded in mystery. In fact His Majesty ordered the construction of His and Woizero Menen's own tombs (or should I say wombs) in a combination style of the Lalibella and Aksumite building styles, a wonder in their own right!

So we have here something to ponder as the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper....

Oh and one more thing, about Gabon at least, I've heard (from a Gabonese source) that the rose cross order, which is of masonic influence, is maybe not to be shown in a positive light, as there seems to be a heirarchy and control aspect with them and the Gabon is run... something else to research more about....

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/20/2007 1:31:57 PM

becareful what the I dem say

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 8/20/2007 3:15:12 PM

why he gotta be careful about what he gotta say?

Messenger: Ten Sent: 8/20/2007 3:56:42 PM

I searched on the BBC site and I read that the President of Gabon is a Freemason and in Togo the freemasons there motivated for political change and an end to oppressive rule. I know this is a vey different movement from the European Illuminati and the white South African Freemasons who rallied for a united South Africa as a group of Liberal White men. Regarding HIS Majesty well the article I found said Ethiopia had links with the original masons - the Knights of the Templar from which the European Freemasons evolved - but its not the same thing. I wonder if SunofMan could explain more on what was said of His Majesty, what kind of Masonic/Knight order was HE part of and where can this info be found?

Messenger: Dominic Sent: 8/20/2007 5:02:37 PM


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 8/21/2007 5:18:25 AM

Excuse i, perhaps i should have just said be careful.

It is treacherous waters the i dem swimming in, so just watch it and tread carefuly, dont rush to speak

Selassie I was NO mason
Selassie I is.
Selassie I is before there was any such thing as masons.
Just because someone comes and steals from my culture and ancient knowledge doesnt make I and the thief the same
Just because these fools go around claiming they built Solomonīs Temple does not make Solomon a mason,
And ofcourse the porteguese built Lalibela. Black people couldnt do that, right? And aliens from outer space built the pyramids lol


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