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Whites in Ethiopia?

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Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 4/18/2007 9:41:07 PM

I give this question to my brother's & sister's, primarily African, how do you feel about white RastafarI settling permantly in Ethiopia, preferably Shashamane. I have heard views from some which I can do know but acknowledge and accept them and their ideology of no, for it is only the permananent home of the 'black' man, but it is alright to visit. But then ive heard from others that it would not be wrong at all because of the ideology Africa is the beginning and so all may return.

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 4/18/2007 11:29:08 PM

I can't speak for I African Idrens and Sistrens, but here is a reasoning I made about this before. I first ask a question, but I main reasoning about this matter is in I reply that I make after some other people replied to the original message.

Question for white skinned people who want to live in Africa.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: still looking Sent: 4/19/2007 8:59:30 AM


i went and read a number of the past post on this subject and will share I view on the land issue (which sounds a lot like I wife's homeland shituation of Zimbabwe)

InI am not dieing for a piece of land. I don't own it even when i think I own it. if you want to know what that means come and ask me in a hundred years---- oh we can't because we will all be in it -- a part of it.

i have long known that i can't own land -- it owns us. now knowing that, we must find a way to work together while on top of it.

there are people of all cultures that wish to fight and die for land and people of all colors that wish to work together----I prefer the latter camp and if I found myself in the former I go.

Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 4/20/2007 10:12:56 AM

Trust I, its not a matter of owning any land its a matter of dieing in peace. Fight for the land I shall.

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 4/22/2007 11:36:08 AM


If you go with clean hand and pure heart your works will show who you are. Shashamane NEEDS people with good works.

The funny thing is, those things you are asking about will only be told to you by Blacks who are knew to Ethiopia themselves. No Ithiopian ever would come up with any racial motivated statement. because that's simply not the mentality there. His Majesty even allowed the Italiens to settle there after the war even before he gave Shashamane to the EWF. And we all do know about the European advisers throughout the epoques who rose to much love and fame amongst Ithiopians.

No brethren, the problem is a whole different one. The real problem is that there are SOME who are knew to Ethiopia too, but just because of their skin they believe they have more right to be there than even the Ithiopians themselves... and so they behave and that is why those INDIVIDUALS are disliked by Ithioipians. I think you know what I am talking about.

So if you plan to go to Shashamane and some individuals don't want you there (mostly it's the other way round, coz it's the white guys who bring the money... and by now the whole region knows how the Rasta down in Shashe likes the money) then this is by far not representing the opinion of Ithiopians themselves.
By the way there are many other places which I would recommend before Shashe. I don't know why all Rasta always think they have to make a kind of pilgrimmage to Shashe.


Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 4/22/2007 1:06:42 PM


Iman thank you so much, for your response. I overstand what you are saying. I was imagining Shashe as a place were I could have a roof over my head. I would like to know of other places I could gain my start.

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 4/22/2007 7:12:11 PM

Bro Dominiq, Just wanted to thank the I for making such a good point about the mindset of Ethiopians vs those who are new to the country. Racially speaking, Ethiopians just don't make the same distinctions, a beautiful thing. In fact, I was watching a video the other day where an old Ethiopian man was talking about the Italians and he said "you know the Italians, they came from Us, but sometimes people bite their own hand." Just thought that was a great analogy.


Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 4/23/2007 12:00:55 PM

Haile I

You know... how to tell you... Shashamane NEEDS the attention of Rastafari worldwide because this is the landgrant, and that is why I n I need good people down there to tidy up that place. But this is an old topic, all those who are interested to know an Ifficial statement, the I them should read the Hon Ras Nathaniel's eye-report of a few years ago. But you know it is getting better slowly, as I hear. Because you have new people from around the world who do not carry this jamaica-vibe with them.... there is a reason WHY Shashamany is internationally known as "lil Jamaica" or even "lil Trenchtown". If I go to ITHIOPIA I would not want to end up in lil JAMAICA. Get what I'm saing? This whole pseudo-Rasta Jamaica bizness is keeping down I n I Internationally. And so it is in Ithiopia too.
Why do you think has Shashe one of the highest crime rates in ithiopia? Didn't know that? Oh it's no paradise, don't expect that.
And why do you think do we read again and again of Rasta being victims of local crime? Just a few weeks ago there was an Executive of the EWF attacked with a machete.
It's because Ithiopia is still poor and in some places desperate... and some newcomers do not seem to b very sensible to that. A brethren once called Shashe "a type of Rasta-Disneyworld". And that isn't very farfetched, you know. Just hear around internationally... if there is one place Rastas abroad know it IS Shashamane... and it is this ONE place all ah them wanna go. The guys down there know for a long time how to use this financially. I could tell you some stories about what has happened to donations of Rastas from abroad in the various houses.

So you see, it isn't difficult to find some good "options" to Shashamane. Of course you will get started in Addis, for this is where the international airport is. I would suggest to keep in town and check the things right there first of all. You know there is MUCH to see... the palace, churches, entoto.... HISTORY. You should spend days to accomodate to the life there.
And then I would suggest to go NORTH. This is where the "better" climate is in the highlands, and I n I Incient Israelite-Christian culture and history.

There are two routes into the northern plateau.... let's call it the western and the eastern one. Most visitors go up the western one and take the socalled "historical circuit" and go down to Addis back on the eastern route.

If you look for a beautiful town to stay I would recommend Bahir Dar at Lake Tana. With about 160.000 people it has both sides... calm relaxing lake places and very busy ones too. I heard the best way to discover this beautiful town and surrounding with rented bikes... so you can go and visit one of HIMs palaces nearby.
It is said that HIM wanted to take his Government to Bahir Dar because of the beautiful scenary.
But one negative aspect is, that there is a higher risk of malaria because of the lake waters, while the north plateau usualy is considered malaria-free.

But as I said... I recommend GOOD backpacker's guides for individual travel... there you have ALL the informations you need....


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Haile Selassie I