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When people disrespect haile selassie,I and I get angry dark but me nah go sin.

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Selahssie i son Sent: 1/31/2007 11:18:45 AM

Woe be unto them who doubt the LION OF JUDAH,Woe unto them who say HAILE SELAHSSIE is not the king of kings lord of lords Conquering lion of the Tribe Judah,Woe Unto Them who praise leanord divinchi white Jee,zus drawing,Woe unto to them leave house of KING DAVID and went to the house of saul,Woe be unto them because it is written of him,Woe be Unto them because all the leaders of the world honor him,praise was prepared for him,thegoldof sheba was givien to him Psalms 72 prophecy about him,woe be unto them because the get the rasta angry,From U dis SELAHSSIE look out for great calamity,Woe be unto them come see.

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Haile Selassie I