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Jah-music from Latin America on you tube

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Jason Sent: 1/4/2007 4:13:00 PM

first of all a very happy and fruitful new year to everyone. I want to share with all some clips of reggae music from latin america. Please watch them and enjoy them. Through JAH-music JAH's blessings,inspiration and truth is spreading throughout the whole world, especially in Latin America. The peoples of Latin America have experienced similar oppresion as the peoples of Africa, by the same slave drivers and colonizers. But through the power of the most high, JAH RASTAFARI, we will liberate ourselves and babylon will fall. " Rasta is the future"- Bob Marley (JAH Prophet).


Alerta - Somos Uno /COLOMBIA
De bruces a mi- ? /COLOMBIA

ALIKA & NUEVA ALIANZA- que suba mi oracion ante JAH Rastafari/ARGENTINA
Los Pericos- Nada Que Perder / ARGENTINA

Cultura Profetica- Culpables / PUERTO RICO
Cultura Profetica - Fruto de la Tierra
Cultura Profetica - Ideas nuevas

Gondwana - Sentimiento Original / CHILE
Gondwana - Ignorancia
Gondwana - Solo es Verdadero
Gondwana - verde, amarillo y rojo
Gondwana - Mi Princesa
Gondwana - Felicidad

Semillas - No lo pudieron matar / PERU
Ysabel Omega- Esta Soy Yo/ PERU

Raices y cultura - Little Brother / PANAMA

Papashanty - Abre los ojos / VENEZUELA

Los Rastrillos-Pendejo / MEXICO

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