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Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 1/12/2007 2:47:13 PM

Ises My Honorable Lord and Empress!

Maybe some came by and read the announcement on I n I myspace informing ones and ones, that I n I finally became independent through I n I own small studio. There I n I develope a whole unique sound, so keep tuned.

The first tune out of the new studio is already online.

check it.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 1/12/2007 5:48:10 PM

TrOd On Iyah..ThE WorD mAde InI..tHe wOrD ShaLl sEt iNI FrEe

Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 1/23/2007 12:23:35 AM

nice sounds my brother

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 2/3/2007 3:46:10 PM

Ises My Lord and Empress

I n I is happy to announce that I n I own studio is NOW FULLY OPERATING. Now we set it up and it's finished!

Check out our first song record in the finished studio! Check the style, the quality and the vibes!
It is livicated to the Struggle and MOVE!

check the lyrics and listen to it on myspace!

Still on the MOVE! - feat. Queen Yahbeba

Ö on the moveÖ

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I shall not want coz my Life is the best that I have!
You say I preach hate, but its truth that I speak
And you know itís my fate, coz itís the truth that I seek
Yes I have anger in my belly and I too feel the pain
But I keep walking through the valley, and JAH send me a plain
To drop bombs on Babylon, my wordz become bullets
You say we strike the match, but itís you who spill the fuels
Nuff fire you will catch, be sure that you will!

Weíre still Ö on the moveÖ
We are still on the MOVE!

My Anger is just the expression of truth
Do not ask why, just turn on the news
How could I lean back, while ya power abuse
No say nothing its no use, coz we wonít stop to accuse
When I hear the Mothers cry, when they see their babies die
And then you try to justify, but we can see you lie
We are the citizen you donít serve and protect
And instead you spread death and drop bombs in Iraq


Jah please give me a lift, coz all around is so sad
I still light my spliff, the revolutionary dread
From the worldwide Ghetto of the underprivilidged
Rise is our motto and we move till its reached
Wid the AK in the one and the Bible in the other hand
We the Macabee defend our fatherland
Coz we are a Nation, forced into Exile
This is not frustration, read it in my smile
But in the meanwhile, realise we occupied, Political prisoners
Thatís why this Liberation Army now speaks to all the listeners


We have two words for you: Rise and MOVE!
Coz its we who pay the price, the price for the truth!
Look at me you see a man who can not afford to lose
We are the Panthers, and we still on the MOVE!
Are we forgetting who we are, or soon we are?
How many letters did I address to you Mumia?
But I never finished one, not knowing what to say
We the hundred fourtyfour thousand, sent to liberate
But whom did we help to escape up to this date?
Unfortunately, itís not a high rate
But we still on the Move


It is time that real action follows our words
That we will all act when we preach about works
My friend raise your fist, but also raise your children
Let us never forget, we are an imperial nation
With the laws of nature, straight from creation
The Laws of Life, no manipulation
All men are born free, what a sensation
And we spread this fact with education
This is the Rastafari Nationís liberation Decleration


Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I shall not want coz my Life is the best that I have!

We are still on the MOVE!

all rights @ Yehneh Prod.

As usually, it will take some time till myspace is able to play it.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 2/3/2007 4:00:27 PM

Wicked beat....whos on the boards?
i man have to drop a verse on that, iyah
my studio almost done....soon reach out to the i

Rastafari Is

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 3/4/2007 9:23:58 AM


Finally I n I had time to push out some new tunes.
check them on I n I myspace.

1. Call the Gravedigger

Call the gravedigger
Here them shout on the street: call the gravedigger
A young boyís dead coz an other
had a nervous finger on the trigger
call the gravedigger
and tomorrow see the news figure
a young boysís dead coz an other
had a nervous finger on the trigger
call the gravedigger

now look what I have found
a shiny loaded gun which makes a loud sound
now come if you really wanna fock around
I feel like I could shoot my brother down
Spill his blood quite enuff to get him drowned
Now come and see what a real man I am
All I need is a big gun in my hand
Donít look at me like this, you must understand
I have a reputation to defend

It was a dark rainy day when his mother went to the funeral
It took another good brother, but it will take later or sooner us all
If we go on like this, you know what I mean
Our children kill eachother because this is what they learn
from their father and their brother
We do not fight the enemy, Iím not against defending me
But this is insanity, you kill your own family
Our streets run red of the dead that you spread
And another good brother is dying in the street
coz he was too fast with his mouth but not with his feet
how does it feel when you stop a heart beat
you should ah feel like a murderer
you think ya cool guy, but I never heard ah ya
and to kill ya own brother doesnít bring ya further
who brings in the drugs and the guns
political murderer killing our sons


Say goodbye to your family and to all your friends
Someone shout for the ambulance
But it is too late
Someone said we canít do nothing about our fate
But I say JAH helps those who help themselves
King Selassie I keeps me outta the grave
But who is there for you to keep you save?
How many brothers fell victim to the streets
Yes I hope he will find what he seeks
But I wonít say, Rest in Peace
Coz he who rests is a victim of death
But we never stop to live
Coz iternal life Jah has for us as a gift


2. Revolution


Yeah this is about a revolution am talking about
A re-re-re-revolution, in the progress, it is on the move
This no movie romance, they firebomb our roof!
The beast is a roman, need any more proof?
Life over death is what we stand for
in this revolution yeah we promote life
yeah we defend life and protect life
start with yourself and keep yaself alive
destroy the system that tries to destroy you
be faster than them in everything that you do
be harder than them and smather than them
only the fittest of the fittest shall survive, my friend
make sure for sure to stay alive till the end
Im not going to kill but Im ready to defend
My family and friends against all ah you satans


This goes out to all who have ears
to hear and eyes to see, not just the near
And a mind to overstand things that going on
Who have a heart in their chest
Always want just the best
For humanity to manifest
Justice and happiness
Peace on the streets
We do not want your drugs, and we donít want your crime
Free all the prisoners, free the move 9
But before you have to free your own mind
Free ya body from their poisen
We donít want their noise and
We wanna breath fresh air, grow your natty hair
wannabe free to live, coz Life is a gift
In this age and this time
It needs a revolution for the sun to shine
For the people to love again
Overthrow the Babylonian System


3. How HipHop comes into being

If you ever wanted to feel that feeling
This is how Hip Hop comes into being
If you ever wanted to know that feeling
This is how Hip Hop comes into being

Did you ever wonder where hiphopís from ya?
So we have to start with lightening and thunder
Coz Hip hop is the expression of creation
The voice of the voiceless, regardless
How you look like or how do you dress
If you feel the need, the need to stand up
You already know the essence of hiphop
Coz rap is just a way to articulate
Things that really need to be said
Without being afraid of all this hate
That will face you, try to erase you
fight and debase you
They will never stop to chase you
Coz if you rap it means you are a soldier
Nothing can hold ya, I told ya
This is how hip hop comes into being


You big car driver and money diver
Iím so sick of you and so this goes to you
People think hiphopís an artificial thing
between gold chains and bling - bling
Because you are on your ego trip
Away from reality like a spaceship
And your rap is just a service of ya lip
But for all those who have eyes for seing
This is how hip hop really comes into being
Ten oíclock in the morining inna classroom
The lesson should be education, but for whom?
So I grab a piece of paper out of my pants
And chot down this words with a pen in my hand
A pen is all equipment I need my friend
And would you believe me if I told you
I wouldnít even need a beat to do what I do
Coz Hip hop is words, spoken words
If I should sing I would have been a bird
But Im a man and so Iíve a mission on this earth


All Rights @ Yehneh Prod.



Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 3/23/2007 2:06:45 PM


Fresh tunes on I n I myspace

check the lyrics

In this ya time you have to have confidence
Man trust in Jah and in no one else
For nothing else makes no sense
Man trust in Jah and have confidence
For nothing else makes no sense

Yeah, these are the times that are most crucial
Where you haffi draw the lines more clear then usual
Where you hear about wars and rumours of wars
These are the times of the king of kings
upon him white horse, he is the peaceful prince
you hear the lion roars and rule all the things
you hear about catatstrophes and famines
you hear about blood running here and there
we hear about innocent victims everywhere
and then you ask

what can I do, what shall I do to get through
I heard the ones to be rescued will be just a few
Didnít you listen to I n I Majesty
the bible will be the rallying point for all humanity
so you better see and take a look
read it in the book what gonna happen to us all
look in your heart and see if ya stand or fall
all who know that satan kingdom must fall
are the ones who will stand proud and tall
May JAH guide us all!


They say I must reckon with a bad end
With a judgement that no one can stand
With blood and death and nothing less
With much agony and bitterness
But then again these are also those guys
Who tell I n I to look into the skies
And wait for a sky-god
They could never bear the trod
And in vain are their thoughts
About their heathen gods
Christ His Majesty was sent
To make I n I confident
We donít need this trend, your presentiment
No matter what happen, the rastaman stand!
The rastaman stand


These are the times that are most crucial
Where you haffi draw the lines more clear then usual


All Rights @ Yehneh Prod.

"On his Way"
Iím a man on his way - Heís a man on his way
Iím a man walking night and day, but hey
Iím a man on his way - Heís a man on his way
Iím a man on his way, marching on, never turn back
From where I come from
Coz Iím a man on his way - Heís a man on his way

Look how far we have come, we have reached our aim
Or at least we reached some, look how far we came
How many things we have done, not remain the same
Always on the run, living on the fast lane
Never took no rest, we play a restless game
Not for money and fame, you think that we insane?
We did our best to keep the Lion untamed
You keep on asking, but will never understand!


You call us radical, but we the rasta call
Ourselves rootical, but tell me my friend
What did you do to all those prophets that were sent
You try to get us dead, but canít crucify the dread
Once there was a man who was sent as a lamb
To the slaughter, now thereís an other, the Lion of Judah
we the lion tribe come straight from creation
We never take no bribe from ya babylon nation
Coz we aint that type of ya weak generation
We aint that type
Which ya fool wid ya hype
to go wid ya attitude and ya way to be rude
before I accept that suit I would rather go nude
before I too share ya mood
Mobilyze the neighbourhood, like we know that we should
I will tell my people to arm like a gangsta
As long as youíre evil and constantly a danger
To our people
as long as you a threat, I will tell my people, to exactly do that!


I canít afford to slow down, they push me on the ground
through many towns, yes I saw many grounds
I walked many roads throughout this land and
Walking in and out your policestations
they locked me on charge of misbehaviour
against their system of a false saviour
who goes and kiss them while they keep on doing wrong
get me inna court room coz I am too strong
the decision came soon, they will hang me at noon
they will hang me at noon, they will hang me at noon
but I wonít let them do that, like inna cartoon
yes I would be damned, if I didnít defend
my life, coz my life is all that I have
donít even have no ten dollars left
donít be surprised, if I took my right
to stand and live as a free man
so you better see and understand
Iím not your slave, and yes I misbehave
Coz Iím a man of creation
Rastaman canít be part of your system
And now they think, I come to diss them
I concntrate on betterness without no stress
We fight for clean air and unpolluted water
So you wanna put the dread hair, like a lamb to the slaughter!


All Rights @ Yehneh Prod.

Injoy the Upful Sound

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 3/24/2007 11:31:41 AM


Just now I come from studio where I did a tune about a topic long time I like to do. It isn't yet finished, but you can already check the lyrics. And maybe some of the I wanna reason bout the topic aswell.

Dear Mr. Marley

Dear Mr. Marley, I always wanted to talk to you
But I hardly ever came through to you
Coz youíre still very busy, as a child of Life
It aint easy to arrive in this 21 century
where you sent to see all ah this vanity
For which they use your name
Make money with ya fame
And then they sell your name
All the time since ya gone
Them trying to make the Gong
A lion that is tamed
Now they play ya music with a beer in their hand
And they try to fuse it with their hippie trend
I tell you they lose it coz they just canít stand
With their pretty hair which they call dread locks
And they just donít care and put ya inna box
Is like they shall listen but never understand
They try to fool me but canít fool the Almighty

Dear Mr. Marley, Iím sorry that you have to see
All this foolishness going on ignorantly
It seems they never listened to what you really had to say
You taught them so many things every day
But all they remember is how to fill a ashtray
With their focked up chemical polluted hash
Which they then swallow down wid alcoholic stuff
And their attitude is just too rude
They donít respect I n I Rastafari
They donít wanna understand
But still wanna be a dreadlockís friend
I hear them say peace and love
They never understand we have to be tuff
Coz itís they who fock up this earth
It seems they never listen, it seems they never heard
What you really had to say, they never pray
They never love nor respect Ababajanhoy

Dear Mr Marley, you showed them the key
To open the doors to prosperity
That the only solution is His Majesty
We donít bow to no heathen gods
We have no place for them on our trods
We have to keep clean our thoughts
We are no here joke around
These times that are most serious
We take up I n I dreadlock crown
Because we know that you really fear us
And we just wonít let you near us
Of course the Rasta come to have a dinner with the sinner
Coz itís the sick who need the doctor
But we never mix up, could never mix up

All Rights @ Yehneh Prod.

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