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Re: Bahetawi (s)

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Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 1/10/2010 4:43:35 PM

SunofMan, it was no more customary for Ethiopian kings to become monks than it was for kings inna, lets say, England

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/10/2010 8:35:33 PM

Give Thanks for the insights...

I agree about the point Tyson was making in regards to oral tradition, in Ethiopia oral traditions are a crucial part of preservation, however, I would really like the detailed account of His Majesty taking an audience with Ba'atawi while imprisoned by the Derg...If I have to wait for the book, I guess that'll have to do, but please keep me posted as to when the books ready fer the public...

Now, can anyone give one example of an Ethiopian King who actually retired from the throne to take on the life of a monk?...I realize that the Emperor of Ethiopia is the Head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and subsequently the Head of the monastic order and traditions that are a part of the EOTC, but we see the point...Haile Selassie I encompasses everything that is a monk, as He is the fullness of All things...


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/11/2010 12:19:30 AM

Emporor Kaleb became a monk.

Like I said before. This Bahetawi book is just a container to be used to help convince more people that the picture of the monk is Selassie I.

This will be revealed in due time.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/11/2010 11:04:01 AM

Give Thanks, Ark I for the example of Kaleb...

Inspired I to do a bit of research, and came up with a brief summary...

Although Emperor Kaleb (16 th century) was not one of those saintly kings in whose

name churches have been constructed, his name is no less remembered than the others. He attained this honour firstly when a Jew known as Finhas perpetrated acts of cruelty and persecution against christians in Yemen, on the requests of the christian king of Constantinople, Lostinos, and of the Alexandrian archbishop Timotheos the Third and on his own initiative, he set sail to Yemen and conducting a crusade he defeated the archenemy of the christians and liberated them. Socondly after this epic of martyrdom, he was a man who renounced his throne to enter the monastery.

Emperor Zera Yacob (15 th century) likewise was named Constantine for expanding and strengthening the christian faith in the country. While on his throne he had a spiritual life comparable to that in a monastery. To satisfy his spiritual desire he was a christian king who journeyed to a monastery and like Kaleb his name continues to be remembered spiritually. Furthermore many books were translated from foreign language into Geez and new works were composed during the reign of this emperor and thus he is king who occupies a major place in the history of our church.

The kings who had such a spiritual life were not only these ones. It is not also difficult to imagine why this happened and it happened because of the strength of the christian faith, and of the impact of the establishment of monasteries on the christian life of Ethiopians.

...Nevertheless, I don't feel that this substatiates an tradition of Emperors renouncing the throne and becoming monks, although I could see the arguement being made that in Ethiopia it may be a prospect more easily entertained. Give Thanks all the same...Selassie I...


Messenger: Tyson Sent: 1/11/2010 11:28:03 AM

Many Ethiopian Kings became monks, this subject matter is something that I would encourage you to explore on your own, its very interesting and there is information out there you can find to help you get some insights into this tradition

Ethiopian Kings could be described as ascetic-kings or monastic-kings and the line between being a king and a monk was very thin.

A typical royal compound of the monarchs consisted of a royal court and the nobility, along with a monastary and its monks

Some kings began their lives in monastic communities and developed such a reputation for rightousness that they became Emperor, others, combined their role as kings with monastic rituals and practices as there was no seperation between Church and State. Fasting, long term prayer, silence, isolation and seclusion were practiced by the Kings while they sat on the throne, it was not only normal but it was expected of them to be disciples of the ascetic life

Some kings were warriors, others ascended to the throne via the monastaries, all of them knew of the extreme importance of the ascetic life and many of them become monks at some time their life

The source of this information is the 'heirographies' or the Geez manuscripts that describe the Lives of Saints, these works are detailed stories of the holy men who have come throughout Ethiopias long history. Some of them were monks, some were kings, others were both, but all were considered Saints because of their profound spirituality and closeness to Christ

It hard to compare the monarchy of England to the monarchy of Ethiopia, the Solomonic line of Kings and its monastic tradition is so well developed and so ancient in comparison to little old England

also, I had actually completed the book before I found that image of the monk, I never knew about it until a few months ago

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/11/2010 11:39:57 AM

The I said,
also, I had actually completed the book before I found that image of the monk, I never knew about it until a few months ago

Nevertheless, whether the I created the book before or after, the I is going to use the book as a container to promote that picture of the monk as Selassie I, and that monk is not Selassie I. I am not even disputing the possibility that Selassie I became a monk after leaving the royal grounds, I am disputing that picture because it is not true and especially because it is part of a larger deception to come.

I don't know if what the I said in the quote above is a lie, and the I is one of the original decievers, or if what the I said in the quote is true, and the I is just one of the decieved, but if the I use that book to promote that monk picture, the I will become one of the decievers, and will bear responsibility for your part in the deception. Selassie I will not take this deception lightly.

Messenger: Tyson Sent: 1/11/2010 7:20:53 PM

As I mentioned before, the works is about the church, the monastaries and the monks, along with its connection to the Rasta movement. It continually gives praise to His Majesty and adds to the voice that he is Jah

Question, if there is a deception going on, what is the goal of those behind it? What would they be trying to accomplish by spreading a story that the picture of the monk is H.I.M?

In the end, jah will be the judge

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/11/2010 8:48:19 PM


The danger is that telling a lie about that monk photo will lead to even greater deceptions that could be carried out by Babylon and used as propaganda.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/12/2010 12:16:58 AM

Tyson, I know what you claimed before about your intentions for the book, but I don't really believe you. Why don't you tell people what the name of your website is?

In regards to this:
What would they be trying to accomplish by spreading a story that the picture of the monk is H.I.M?

Tyson, Did you not read what I wrote already? Why are you asking a question that I already gave you the answer to in this same topic?

Here it is again

Some day in the future, A group of people might come and say they are in consultations with Haile Selassie I and only they are allowed to see him in his secret place, and then they will come and tell RasTafarI people new things and they will claim Selassie I tell them to tell I and I. I am not speaking about the bredren in the video because he hasn't done such a thing. It is just the fact that many people, not just on this forum but all over, seemed to believe that the picture was Haile Selassie I just based on a picture that is too dark to be able to see the details of the face. So how much more effort would it take to convince people of much more serious things.

So many people never wanted to heed the words of Selassie I from since the beginning. Even the first Man and Woman didn't want to heed. When Selassie I came in old times, He taught people so much greatness and how to Live in the example and direction of the Most High Jah RasTafarI. But soon after Christ was crucified, they disregarded His teachings and come and convince people that they are saved from their sin because Christ was crucified. Even though Selassie I already told I and I how to be saved from sin as it is recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And what Selassie I taught I and I was not what they claimed, He showed I and I that we are saved from sin by becoming One with the Most High Living Perfect as I and I Father is Perfect.

They just tried to find any excuse to not Live the way of Christ, either because of his resurrection, or the claimed mistranslations of parts they didn't want to accept. And the excuses got worse and worse over the centuries.

Then Selassie I came again in these times. And taught I and I that the way that he told us before is still the way today. And also taught I and I other things that we forgot, that would guide us in these times. And now some people try many ways to make excuses to not Live the way of Selassie I.

I have heard some try to say that his words were mistranslated, so that they could ignore some things that Selassie I say. Others say that since he said this or that to a certain group of people, then we don't have to live by it because it wasn't addressed for us. Or others come as say "where did Selassie I ever say that he is a teacher", they try to imply that Selassie I is not a teacher and the things Selassie I said were not teachings for I and I. And every time that people come and say these things, they want to replace the teachings of Selassie I with their own philosophy. They will pick this a that thing that Selassie I say to join with their philosophy, but disregard any thing that Selassie I say that goes against their philosophy.

So how long until they claim that Selassie I is giving them new teachings and orders and only they are allowed to be in His presence. How long until they try and claim that their own philosophy is what Selassie I is telling us to do.

With the computer video editing technology of today, people could, if they had enough money, make a video that looks like Selassie I is in a room with them and even talking to them.

They would just need to find some old video of Selassie I and pay somebody to use the computer to put Selassie I in a different scene with different people. Or if they had more money they could pay people to make a video of a person of the same size and proportions of Selassie I, that is in a room with them and goes through the movements they want him to do, and then the video editors could use the computer to make it look like the person is Selassie I. All they would need is to use pictures or videos of Selassie I and get as many viewing angles as they can to build the computer model to show Selassie I at all different angles and even different facial expressions to simulate talking.

All it takes to make a video like that look real, is enough time for the video editors to make it look real.

Messenger: Tyson Sent: 1/12/2010 10:45:12 AM

We are all entitled to our opinions, if you think I am part of a deception, that is your choice, InI will continue to trod forward with my works and let Jah Guide

Once the website and the book is available, I will gladly let you know

Also, I have read you response to the 'Video Deception' and you have a right to say how you feel about the subject matter, but that doest not mean you are right. It is your 'personal opinion' and still doesnt answer the question, what would people hope to gain by lying to the people about the picture of the monk? I am interested to know what kind of greater deceptions could be carried out by Babylon.

Lets say next week, a member of the Ethiopian tourism ministry, tells everyone that he took the picture in 1978 and therefore there is no way it can be His Majesty. How does that change a study on the monastic traditions of Ethiopia and the spiritual heights of the bahetawi? This information is still important to the movement of Rastafari. Either way, InI are just trying to inspire my fellow Rasta bredrens and sistrens!

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