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Re: Bahetawi (s)

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/23/2010 7:54:54 PM

Using His Majesty for a tourism poster would not be the same as using a dude with dreads running down a beach, or playing "one love come to JA and feel alright." I realize that the Derg and Meles ultimately lack appreciation for spirituality but would still use it for their own gain; that does not change the fact that for them to offer extremely public proof of the existence of His Majesty on the earthly plane would be an act of serious detriment to their own standing, why wouldn't they just use a different photo? You realize that whether or not the Derg actually murdered His Majesty they certainly wanted to. If that poster was issued as recently as Meles's occupation then I think Meles would have sought murder too, Meles and Mengistu are incredibly vicious people who have done everything they could to preserve their tenure.


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/23/2010 8:00:30 PM

"Some believe the bible was tampered with, and prefer to use the Kebre Negast"

Life Africa....did you mean that over the ages the Bible hasn't been tampered with?? There's something youtube videos can expound on...prefer to use the Kebre Negast?? You realize that the Kebre Negast is a book from the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible, right? and anybody familiar with it would know that it is one book from the Bible, and isn't something One could really substitute for the entirety of the Bible. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, yer comment threw me off though.


Messenger: Life Africa Sent: 1/23/2010 8:04:24 PM


My brother if only you knew the power of white tourist dollars. If you did, you would know what I mean. Undermining my point is not a prudent tactic. The focus should be on the fact that nations have explioted for years those who they hate. C'mon why can't you see that? My point is if Jamacia will use Rastas to exploit money from whites, then kill and discriminate against them, then the same type of white powerful tourist dollars can make the derg do some things you may have thought they would never do. The Bible states that "money is the root to all evil". And for those who want the chapter and verse go Google it lol.

Messenger: Life Africa Sent: 1/23/2010 8:10:19 PM


The Kebre Negast may speak of the same stories as the bible, but the details are very different. The Kebre Negast speaks of Queen Mekada being decieved by Solomon, and that the king tricked her in order to have sex with her. Now outside of the Kebre Negast, where can we see that same story? "nowhere". Also the Kebre Negast tells us that King Menelik took the Ark back with him to Ethiopia. Nowehere in the bible does it state that. Also the Kebre Neagst states that Queen Mekada arrived in Israel with a goat like foot, and that it was healed. This story is not in the bible as well. So yes many do believe that the bible was tampered with. There are several versions of the bible. How many versions are there of the Kebre Negast? But for the record I do believe in the bible. But not all Rastas do. My point was that some people on here should humble themselves as they suggest others should. I was refering to the other poster Fikre Jahnhoi .

Messenger: Life Africa Sent: 1/23/2010 8:20:28 PM

Many are like the disciple Thomas when he doubted the risen Christ. Thomas had to feel Christ holes in his side, and feel his hands. Yet we must keep in mind that Thomas walked with Christ, yet still needed to feel something solid. Even today among the elect, we still exibit the same faith as Thomas had. But this is to be expected. However in time Jah will reveal himself to those who have believed on HIM. The whole world will know that he is the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. This is not a topic up for debate. Therefore I will leave others to argue over this. After all is this not a issue of faith? To each man's faith so be it unto him.


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/23/2010 10:34:45 PM

Life Africa...I understand the point that you are trying to make, and I am making the distinction that your point and mine are quite different and are not in the same ball park (so to speak), if you can't grasp that I'm not sure what else I can say to make it clearer.

As for the Kebre Negast, it is a documentation of, and a spiritual testament to, the legacy of His Majesty and the Ark of the Covenant. It remains a crucial piece of Ethiopian Orthodox liturgy. If you don't accept it well...that's your issue. I have no idea where you're coming from...and I have no idea why you would talk about humility and then chastise ancient Ethiopian scripture which is devoted to the Glory of His Majesty...that was strange to me, but I'm thinking now that you're some brand of Christian, no?

****Tyson, still looking forward to you addressing my questions I...


Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 1/23/2010 11:56:27 PM

Life Africa,

i man sure dat yuh are quite intelligent and sensible, but what yuh wrote to i was, only way i can say it, retarded.

so sorry if i do not have patience for foolishness and vanity

mi say watch your mouth before you jump up and say prophecy fulfill

what does that have anything to do with who believe in the bible or the KN or what version ?

"Just incase If you did not know, many Rastas do not even believe in the Bible. Some believe the bible was tampered with, and prefer to use the Kebre Negast"

And that is a lie, No Rastafari in his or her right mind would say "i prefer" the bible or the KebreNegast

"some Rastas, is that they think just because they are X Christians and have been flipping through the bible for 20 years or more in their Baptist or Catholic church, now they can stand up and act as if they are knowledgeble Rastas "

Do yuh know i ? NO so what have yuh jus done, yuh have judged wrongfully. Yuh condemn yurself by your own words.

I do not know what "everyone" has against youtube. but i do know what ini have against youtube, and i dont have to tell yuh, yuh shoulda know by now
If yuh think that "those who held wisdom hostage via institutions of so called higher learning" have something against youtube, then go ask them
lol, or perhaps yuh think its ini who held knowledge hostage
i wouldnt even be surprised if thats what yuh think

i hope youtube teaches yuh well hahaha, but if yuh get the opportunity to go harvard, i suggest yuh turn off your computer and go

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/24/2010 12:25:41 AM

Life Africa, the I said,
Yet how is it that now we are to doubt that Selassie I is alive and tending to other affairs?

I replied,
Maybe the I didn't read the Reasonings close enough and are basing that statement on assumptions. Either way, I will clear it up, nobody is doubting that Selassie I is alive.

Then the I said,
Question to the brothers and sisters. If Selassie I is not with us in the flesh on earth, then where is he?

Do you think that if you repeat that notion enough times, I will get sick of replying and you can make it appear that somebody here is actually saying that Selassie I is not alive. The only person saying anything about the death of Selassie I is you, thinking the foolishness that his life span is only 120 year.

What in the reply I gave you before, made you not Iverstand what I am saying and thought you had to come with the same false accusation again.

What is the use of replying to you if you can't even Iverstand a simple statement like what I replied to you the first time. Or, what is the use of replying to you if you will pretend I didn't say what I have already said in reply to the same question you already asked. I wonder which one of those possibilities you are dealing with.

How many times are you planning on making the same accusation and forcing me to participate in this circle of uselessness you are dealing with.

Messenger: Fikre Jahnhoi Sent: 1/24/2010 12:37:00 AM

Is this person actually trying to convince ones that there is even a remote possibility that the Ethiopian govt woulda put His Majesty on a tourism poster for tourist money ???

"Undermining my point is not a prudent tactic. "

If there was ever a point to be undermined, trampled, burned and discarded, its this point right here

i mean, are yuh serious?
if yuh are, mek i tell yuh , yuh have not a clue what yuh a talk bout

do yuh even overs what would happen to the country if the orthodox Ethiopian people believed for a second that HIM was living somewhere in the country

do yuh know there are many people who wish to return Ethiopia to Royal rule, including members of the Royal family. Do yuh know how much suppport these people would gain inside Ethiopia if they found proof of HIM living somewhere ? Yuh really think the Ethiopian govt would let that happen ?
do yuh not even know the difference between promoting information even if yuh hate it cos it helps yuh make money and promoting information that would bring about your death ?

and dont yuh think its a little late to be screaming death to the derg? i mean, its 2010

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/24/2010 12:46:31 AM

Tyson, you said,

Put yourself in my shoes for a minute,

I spent 10 years researching the Ethiopian Church, its monasteries and bahetawi. It was difficult to find articles or pictures of bahetawi, but I managed to find some. What I discovered was a profound connection between Rasta's in this day and time and the primordial bahetawi. I wanted to share this relationship with my fellow Rasta people.

I learned about asceticism, how it prolongs life, transform your mind and body, makes you healthy, makes your hair and beard grow and turns you into an 'angelic being'. I learned about the direct relationship between Ethiopian Kings and asceticsm, a subject that has been overlooked by scholars and books on Rasta

Just as I am editing the final copy of the book, I see that picture of a bahetawi monk who clearly has been practicing asceticism and one that looks like H.I.M, and based on what I had just learned, I felt that there was a possibility that it could be His Majesty. I said thank you Jah for this photo because the conversations sourounding it will be helpful in my quest to share knowledge on the bahetawi. I even changed the title of my book.

Up until that moment, i wasnt sure what happened to His Majesty, I had heard in Ethiopia that he was a monk in the hills and my research had confirmed this possibility. Even if that picture is not H.I.M, he still could be a bahetawi and could be alive today.

Now you are sure?

You said to put Iself in your shoes. Who the shoe fits, let them where it. I can't fit in your kind of shoes, I am not so easily tricked.

Didn't the I read that reasoning, this part here applies directly to what you said in that quote above.

Don't just believe anything that comes along that appeals to your mind, especially if it is something that appeals to your mind. That is what the deceivers use to trick people, they find out what people want, and use their desires against them to manipulate them with deception.

If it is true that the I was writing that book before the I saw the picture, then it is even more important that you keep watch so you don't get so easily tricked. If you were writing that book beforehand, I can see how that picture would appeal to your mind, because it would fit in nicely with your book. When I saw the picture of the monk, I compared it to as many Selassie I pictures I could find, to see what resemblance was there, and by doing that, I could see what is more important, what differences were there.

Much of the detail in the face could not be seen, so even if I didn't find the differences I found in the features I could see, I would not be so foolish to assume it is Selassie I, because I would need to see more details then that to get even remotely close to being convinced that it is Selassie I. But when comparing the pictures I could actually see differences, as I already mentioned in the Reasonings made about that monk picture (as linked to before), so the fact that there are those differences convinces I that it is not Selassie I. And this next part was not needed to convince I that it is deception, because it was already obvious that it was not Selassie I, but all the deception over the attempt at making that poster look like a picture by folding it and hiding the fact that it is a tourism poster; And all the deception that followed afterwards in the follow up videos, just makes it more obvious that this is a deception.

Although I am not a kind of person that can get tricked so easily, I can Iverstand how some people could allow themselves to be fooled and be convinced by a picture with so little detail, but what I can't Iverstand is how a person can still fool themself when actual differences from visible features are pointed out.

And when I see such things, I wonder if there is any use of trying to Reason with a person like that, because they prefer their own misunderstanding.

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