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Re: Bahetawi (s)

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/15/2010 11:15:18 PM

Tyson, the I said,
Its not about 'guessing' but rather having a personal philosophy on what happened to the King after the coup.

personal philosophy on what happened to the King after the coup? If you think personal philosophy has any relavance to what happened to the Selassie I after the coup, I am not surprised you are promoting that picture as Selassie I. I guess it is your personal philosophy that caused you to believe that monk picture is Selassie I to such a level that the I decided to name your website

There is no help for someone that thinks he can describe where Selassie I went with personal philosophy. They have already chosen to be lead by his own misunderstanding.

Messenger: Tyson Sent: 1/15/2010 11:54:44 PM

I still would like to hear other 'personal opinons', 'views', 'perspectives', 'insights' on the subject of what happened to His Majesty after 1974. Call it what you like, we each interpret the world around us and draw our own conclusion, as have you...

There is nothing to hide, the website is being set up and 'exposing' the name is your choice. I wanted to at least finish it before I told others the web address, gonna have to hurry up and get it on-line

remember, all bahetawi seek to become ABBA KEDDUS, all of them seek to be at one with the 'Holy Father'

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/16/2010 12:16:31 AM

Why are you trying to shift around this, you called the website that because of your intention to promote that monk picture, not because:

"all bahetawi seek to become ABBA KEDDUS, all of them seek to be at one with the 'Holy Father'"

I suppose you were always planning on calling the website that, and just happened that when you saw the video a few months ago, the name they referred to that monk picture was the same name you were planning on calling the website. That is just "amazing". LOL.

Messenger: WarriorsConquer Sent: 1/16/2010 10:39:36 AM

A question like "What happened to His Majesty after 1974?" is meaningless due to it being constructed on a conceptualization relative to time and space(1974) with which the subject is incompatible. Not to mention the fallacy of projecting the idea that He is libel for things to "Happen To".

Messenger: Life Africa Sent: 1/19/2010 6:44:28 AM

Many believe in the ressurection of Jesus Christ. Infact it is a Christian requirement to be saved. Yet how is it that now we are to doubt that Selassie I is alive and tending to other affairs? As the angels stated, "Why look for the living among the dead"? Selassie I lives !!! Keep in mind that there was reports of Jesus walking around after his death. He also met with two men on the road, who later realized after Jesus left them, that he must have been their master. Even the disciples did not believe at first. Also Jesus was cooking fish on the beech in other references on the bible after he risen. He also demanded food from his followers when he appeared to the disciples. I say all this to state, that we need the same level of faith today. History repeats itself. Selassie lives as he did 2000 years ago. But as the scriptures indicate, this knowledge is hiden from wise men, and given to babes.

Messenger: Life Africa Sent: 1/19/2010 6:50:04 AM

Tyson "Many Ethiopian Kings became monks, this subject matter is something that I would encourage you to explore on your own, its very interesting and there is information out there you can find to help you get some insights into this tradition

Ethiopian Kings could be described as ascetic-kings or monastic-kings and the line between being a king and a monk was very thin.

A typical royal compound of the monarchs consisted of a royal court and the nobility, along with a monastary and its monks

Some kings began their lives in monastic communities and developed such a reputation for rightousness that they became Emperor, others, combined their role as kings with monastic rituals and practices as there was no seperation between Church and State. Fasting, long term prayer, silence, isolation and seclusion were practiced by the Kings while they sat on the throne, it was not only normal but it was expected of them to be disciples of the ascetic life

Some kings were warriors, others ascended to the throne via the monastaries, all of them knew of the extreme importance of the ascetic life and many of them become monks at some time their life

The source of this information is the 'heirographies' or the Geez manuscripts that describe the Lives of Saints, these works are detailed stories of the holy men who have come throughout Ethiopias long history. Some of them were monks, some were kings, others were both, but all were considered Saints because of their profound spirituality and closeness to Christ

It hard to compare the monarchy of England to the monarchy of Ethiopia, the Solomonic line of Kings and its monastic tradition is so well developed and so ancient in comparison to little old England

also, I had actually completed the book before I found that image of the monk, I never knew about it until a few months ago"


This is great information that you have posted. I have studied information on the topic of ancient Ethiopian kings and the traditions as well. I am your sister in the faith.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/19/2010 9:32:00 AM

Life Africa, the I said,
Yet how is it that now we are to doubt that Selassie I is alive and tending to other affairs?

Maybe the I didn't read the Reasonings close enough and are basing that statement on assumptions. Either way, I will clear it up, nobody is doubting that Selassie I is alive.

I and I are not even doubting the picture is Selassie I, I and I know that the picture is not Selassie I.

There was never close to enough evidence in that picture to say it is Selassie I, and after looking at it more closely, there is enough evidence to say it is not.

And the whole deception surrounding the presentation of the picture adds to the evidence.

Messenger: Tyson Sent: 1/20/2010 1:07:00 PM

Give thanks Life Africa,

I am glad the information was helpful to you.

Jah works in mysterious ways...

Messenger: Life Africa Sent: 1/20/2010 8:08:53 PM

I saw a video on youtube that stated that Selassie I was born in 1892. Now if you add the 120 yeasr of the life of the son of man as described in Revelations you come up with 2012. Lets do the math.

1892 + 120 = 2012

Prophecy fullfiled

Messenger: Life Africa Sent: 1/20/2010 8:33:38 PM

Haile Selassie I is God almighty the creator of heaven and earth, and all living things.

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