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The Nazarite Vow

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Messenger: Brother Jahphet I Sent: 12/29/2003 5:15:46 PM

Greetings I

Yes I give thanks to Rastafari to keep me away from all this poison for my body!
All RastafarI teachings, including the bible, Selassie I words, Elder-teachings etc, show me to stay away from all them things.
Ital livity is the only right livity for I!
No dead animals in I belly, no tobacco-poison in I lungs, no alcoholic destroying I brain.
Ital livity is true natural!

"So have nothing to do with alcohol and avoid all things against which conscience speaks!" -Haile Selassie I

Bro Jahph I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/29/2003 5:20:47 PM

Blessed Love Ras Jahpeth, Jah Rasta Far I

Ras Jahpet-INI site OVERSTANDING from all ones. Don't feel no way. LOVE Ras-that is all that there be.

"Your Lesson" from Marcus Garvey.....
1. The skies and stars are there, and sun and moon,
They move and shine for you and me each day,
Our journey here is short-exit is soon,
In such a change to be I have no say.

2. But in the link between this life and death,
I am the master of myself, I know;
I gather knowledge with natural breath,
And I shall surely reap just what I sow.

3. Yes, from the world I learn a lesson true,
No race nor colour proves me less in clan;
I need not quibble for or curse my hue,
That makes of me, like anyone, a man.

4. My God, so great, has made all things and me,
My place and grip on life are ever here;
So inferior being I ne'er shall be,
I learn from Nature grand, that's everywhere.

I hesitate to talk of i experience because I-dren must seek within the I to know. I share I experience for meditation not for direction or misdirection. Ras, know the I for INI..."why do you quest the "nazerite vow" what do the I expect from it, what purpose-you decide not she he me or u..

THe I asked about living the Nazerite Vow...The things that are sited in the text about hair, dead bodies, grapes is the things of the flesh that ones consider. KNOW these are mere things of the flesh that takes away livication to JAH. The flesh is alays drwing form the spirit. When I first take vow, i don't overstand the reason. First I want to follow these "rule" unknown purpose as some sort of discpline. Discpline, used in the way as opposite of reward- you check is what Religion has taught Us. Because at that point of I livity i was still a slave of Babylonian education religion $hti$tem that is self denial and self hate. But the "DISCIPLES" of Jesus weren't punished...nah man they site KNOWLEDGE.

Soon I site that these things that the vow abstains from are nothing... Nothing up lifting. INI speak of grapes today for example...Grapes are sighted as natural and from the earth, yet man make alcohol and it misused as bad spirits---site the indigenous peoples all over the earth who have been visted by this scourge....Well that no problem, just don't drink, i was living in the bush at that problem. GROWiNG AND PREPARING ITAL blessed livity...

When I come to USA, then I site that Babylon putting grapes in everything, oils, juices, salsa, dressings such and such and no bush to make own food. OK more difficult and even considered for a bit, that the spirit of the vow more important that the rules, for CONVENIENCE. NAH mon. FOR ini, the vow was I-LIVivity and I site freedom from dependence. FOr InI, the grape thing brought about mediation about LIVITY. If I cannot control I self what I don't want to eat, how can I be strong for battles of the spirit, the mind and the body? InI not stopping anyone from thier wine drinking, thier grapejuice drinking or grape eating....Ya check....

I site I have been caring for my Babylonian-raised nieces and nephew youths lately and siting what they be eating? Manufactured thigs whenever wherever and not one bit of nutrition, blessing nor health. All those "fruit" juices are filled with Grape juice....That is preparing a body of flesh that will be trained in the taste of wine drinking and such in a place such as this BABYLON where that is the "SpiriT"----drugs.....Just like Salt... Salt in everything that it don't need to be in,,,but it a corruption of Babylon to get ones addicted, craving those things... those things that Babylon uses to control sell you medication of synthetic making.

It is a mystical thing...I chose the vow for INI, for the strengthening of I flesh to flee from the things of the flesh. IT IS FREEING. Freedom from all that has no purpose. Idon;t want those things.....nah mon.

Nazerite vow for INI is root. It is being essential, base, in the groundation, composting soil, livity that is dirty and not as lovely as the fruit of the vine, the leaves the branches.....but essential living blessed with all the nature of sunlight and water and air...endless timeless. BUt it is freedom from the vanity of such. IT is a mystical thing, but so organic.

May this be overstanding ras. I'll sign off now, but look forward to INI meditation on this if the Ras so be it.

FREEDOM to eat the food that I grow and prepare. IT is difficult here in the BABYLON. IN the convenience that Babyon offers to sell is where One falls. Desiring more to please people who offer hospitaltity I was fed something that had vinegar in it. Did the vinegar make I ill? No, it was the KNOWLEDGE of I carelesness and irreverance of I vow that made I ill. Uplifting the compfrt of I and I hosts over the precept of Jah. The blessing of the illness is humility. It is the discpline of the vow that strengthens INI. Discpline is not punishment,,,it is knowledge. Experience is the hard way to know something...BUT INI SEEK TO KNOW.

Blessed love, Ras. Let INI reason in oneness. LOVE IS THE ONLY LAW TO OBEY.

Guidance Haile I Selassie I

Messenger: Brother Jahphet I Sent: 12/30/2003 3:50:28 PM

Greetings Nefertiti I

Do not think I forgot about this reasoning!
I have no time now for such a long reasoning, but when I have time the next days I will emidiatly reply!

Bro Jahphet I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/30/2003 5:02:12 PM

Seen Brother Jahpeth...
Blessed Love,, Jah Rasta Far I
Jah TIME is INI...Always LOVE.....LOVE is the ONLY LAW to obey....
Haile I Selassie I

Messenger: Nesta sista Sent: 12/30/2003 9:24:00 PM

Everyone either proud of me or think I am "uncivilized"as InI never drink de alcohol all of me days. Prefer live like a hermit than mix with de unbelievers sometimes.

Selassie I

Nesta sista

Messenger: Brother Jahphet I Sent: 12/31/2003 5:51:28 AM

Greetings I

So now I have some time to share for this reasoning!

Yes Nefertiti, you talk truth! I give thanks for this wisdom you share with InI!
But you know, I am a very individual person, seen.
A vow is holy, between me and JAH, very personal.
Not for other people, but only for Iself and JAH.
So I decided to do the vow like I think it is best for I, since this vow is only for I and JAH.
So I thought, this vow is already written down, it is written by a Nazarite(?) so many centuries ago, it is HIS vow for JAH, should I copy this? No, because it must be personal, MY own vow for JAH.
The vow must come from the heart, how could it come from the heart when I copy an other manīs vow?
So I said to Iself, no man I must do it on my way!
So I reasoned, meditated and studied on this vow and the text of the bible long time.
I did not understand some thing of the vow, so when I follow this, would it be personal? I even do not know what the purpose is, so it cannot come from I heart!
So I saw that this vow in the bible is only a suggestion, only a guidline. When one take a vow, then he shall do it like this. But though it should come from the inner heart.
I did not do the vow from a special date on or something like that. I changed my whole lfestyle to live I vow for JAH.
To live righteous for JAH.
My overstanding of the vow is:
I do not eat any flesh, no matter what.
I do not drink any alcohol.
I do not use poison like tobacco etc.
I am holy for JAH, and I have to behave and live like this.
I do not kill no animal when my vow ends.
I follow my God and King, no matter what way!
I follow every teaching of JAH, no matter if it is the bible, Yeshuah or Jah himself Selassie I.
And as sign for this vow I let my locks grow.
You know, this vow is my whole RastafarI livity. Ital livity.
I do not follow the Numbers6 vow, and though I am a Nazarite.
Nazarite is hebrew and means, "He who makes himself holy for god, he who seperates himself for god through a vow"
Everybody who doeas a VOW in the name of HIM Jah Allmighty is a Nazarite.

Again, I do not want to offend anybody who see the vow different!

Much love to all RastafarI Children!
Blessed love to the Royal House of Israel, the House of RastafarI
Brother Jahphet I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/31/2003 6:49:07 AM


Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/31/2003 11:33:17 AM

Blessed Love Rasta Fari,

Yes I. Give thanks and praises for the reasoning. When one speak the TRUTH heartically, no apology for offensice....The TRUTH is an offense but not a sin.

NO shame for the youthfulness. No it is all relative...JAH has no time clock to be punching...that is what the flesh has made out of Jah nature.....

INI site Ras JahPhet that vow is INI vow. AS InI sited before much awareness in what WORD the I use. Isrealite, Nazerite, all that stuff because i dreams up a separation from others. That be I point before when reasonign those words. People hailing up the same definition but no unity within....No one gwan dispute the I vow unless the I superior it up to others in vain. yah check. THE VOW IS I thing to GLORY OF INI...purification.

WHile what one man does is individual, it is like a drop on the sea, it make a ripple and that is INI. AS ARK sited before, that drop become the ocean, not a part of the ocean, but no longer a drop , but the ocean. That drop can not be removed from the ocean as it went in.

THanks and praise for the Hebrew definition of Nazerite.

That is why INI not UNDER the LAW. Nor OVER the LAW. INI law.

Man in vanity uplift self to others only to bemoan his failues by defending his action. Whatever INI do need no defense because it only offend man due to man's sense of failure. MNAS action judge and accuse man. NOT InI.

WHat is real is manifests through the flesh, body and mind....

Let Jah be praised I-tinually.........................
A litte vibe from Ras Garvey,,,,JAH RASTA FAR I

Have Faith In Self
October 27, 1927

Today I made myself in life anew,
By going to that royal fount of truth,
And searching for the secret of the few
Whose goal in life and aim is joy forsooth.

I found at last the friend and counsellor
That taught me all that I in life should know;
It is the soul, the sovereign chancellor,
The guide and keeper of the good you sow.

I am advised-"Go ye, have faith in self,
And seek once more the guide that lives in you"
Much better than the world of sordid pelf,
Alas! I found the counsel to be true.

Aha! I know right now that I shall see
The good in life, and be a better man;
I will by thought and deed pull all to me,
In saving others, yea, every one.

Go down and search yourself awhile in part,
And tell me all of what you see and hear;
Isn't there something pulling at your heart?
Tell me the truth and have ye then no fear!

There is a voice that speaks to man, within,
It is the Soul that longs for you to know
There is no need for you to grope in sin,
For you in truth and light may ever grow.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/31/2003 11:44:09 AM


Everyone do what is for them to do. What I do should not dictate what another person does, that is their choice, and I ways are my choice.

I don't think that everyone should stay away from alcohol, grapes or strong drink. I think everyone should use these things responsibly, without abusing it, but to abstain from it is for I and those that have this in them. I don't see alcohol as something that will cause harm in moderation. It has no part in I livity, but others have to know for themselves if it has a part in theirs.

The same thing for the eating of flesh. If someone eats flesh, then that is good for them. I would suggest to the flesh eaters to not abuse the animals by eating too much flesh. And I would suggest that they eat more vegetables and fruits than flesh. And I would also suggest that they stay away from flesh that Babylon poisons with antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals.

And I think that people that eat flesh should kill an animal that they eat at least once so that they Iverstand what they are doing. And if this is acceptable for them, then they should eat as they choose. But for I, it has no part in I livity.

Jah Love,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: EmpressInde Sent: 1/1/2004 10:30:55 PM

Truth INI want to have healthy youths. INI give thanks to the most high GOD the creater of life .For making I a strong black Rasta womon . With a irie mind to stay away from bobby and always know JAH Bless the people .So, INI live in the rightous way to better I and INI people.

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Haile Selassie I