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Black Supremacy

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Messenger: Fyahwomban Sent: 12/8/2005 10:18:18 AM

No need for long discussions. Give them a long enough cord and they will hang themselves in the noose of their own white supremacy and priviledge.

The enlightened Tef_anbesa said it himself in his scholarly lecture:

"Now obeserve the complexions of the people in these 3 geographiocal areas and you will notice that the Europeans are LIGHT skinned (or white) the Asians are coloured (or brown) amd Africans are DARK (or black)..."

"However I hope my reasoning helps to bring some of you out of ignorance in DARKness and into the LIGHT"

LIGHT = white/enLIGHTenment
DARK = African/ignorance

Naturally, your white supremacy is in your own language. It is why slave masters forbade the speaking in our own languages and practicing of our own spiritual livity. To speak a people's language is to walk the roads within that people's intellectual landscape. It is no secret that in many indigenous African communities the "devil" figure was represented as WHITE. (This is before Africans had a chance to SEE/visualize the real manifestation of white people and all the so-called "glories" they brought with them to Africa)

What Tef and his like minded brothers, on this board and elsewhere, are trying to tell black people is:

Black/dark man stop your false charges against the whites, stop your belly-aching complaints and get thee out of your DARK state of ignorance and into the LIGHT/white state of enLIGHTenment; slavery never existed and others have it worse than you black folk. For that matter, I (as a learned white man) will go so far as to say that even Mussolini never invaded Ethiopia for the purposes of colonization of a free African nation ruled by a free BLACK man Qedamawi Haile Sellassie the First. So sit back and let me, the white man do the thinking for you while I rewrite history. And by the way since all enlightenment belongs to the LIGHT people I will also take on an Ethiopian name, learn you darkies patois and practice cultural tourism (today "Rasta", tomorrow "Buddhist", yesterday "Hippie") while I school you and reprimand you out of your own BLACK ignorance.

"The Unilateral Declaration of Independence which was announced by a racist white settler government on November 11, 1965, though expected, had shocked and terrified freedom-loving humanity. That four million Africans should be condemned to servitude by illegal seizure of power by a rebel premier, is one of the wicked aspects of colonialism and imperialism. Although the situation in Souther Rhodesia has become a matter of serious concern to all peoples, We should not lose sight of the fact that the oppression and suffering of the four million Africans in Southern Rhodesia is in particular offensive to the dignity of Africa... All forces of good wherever they may be found must be mobilized to uproot the white supremacists in Rhodesia and in Southern Africa"
Qedamawi Haile Sellassie the First
To OAU on Rhodesia, July 7, 1966 "Selected Speecches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I"

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 12/8/2005 11:13:51 AM

Hail Tafari InI Own Ivine Majesty.

Just stop it already, be still and know JAH.

Nothing true can be said about ALL black people except they are all human and all dark of complexion, nothing true can be said about ALL white people except that they are all human and light of complexion.

Good people are good, bad people are bad, Hola people are Hola and evil people are evil.

Wisdom judges a tree by its fruit not its bark.

Shouldn't InI Rastas be more focused on showing Babylon the Truth than deviding Rastafari into first and second class Rastas?

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 12/8/2005 1:08:22 PM

Haile Sellassie I the First Empress Omega love

"Just stop it already, be still and know JAH."
- You stating your orders to the Empress is what must STOP. Again, this is so very typical of a white man to deal with a black wombman like so. Haile Sellassie The FIRST is the judgement, INI burn a fyah for "jah" still. You make it very clear that you are ignorant of the reality that racism is a problem. Ignorance is dangerous and it will surely be revealed quickly within Rastafari camps. There has never been any class within Rastafari, there is Rasta and there is imposter.
I can assure you that a "bingi" held in the hills of california is nothing like a traditional Nyahbinghi Ises. Especially where the ones in attendance have no idea what it is to live black nor know a thing about ghetto life...

"Only white people have the luxery to say "we are all one" and God is colourless.... As they are not reminded DAILY of COLOUR..."
-Give thanks sistah Jahseekah.. fyah again and again sistren

I could imagine, that living amongst all white rastas would allow for one to easily stay in the comfort of their white privelege and not seek a greater and more humble overstanding of the struggles black people endure. It would allow the terms "one love" and "know Jah" or "we are One in Jah" to come as an easy escape and hide from the reality of which people of color live. Do know that they too would really enjoy being able to escape to the hills and live in such a way. So Steven, I encourage you to try reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and - be steadfast, and seek Haile Sellassie the First.

"...we are not speaking of any INDIVIDUAL white man. We are speaking of the collective white man's historical record. We are speaking of the collective white man's cruelties, and evils, and greeds, that have seen him act like a devil toward the non-white man. Any intelligent, honest, objective person cannot fail to realize that this white man's slave trade, and his subsequent devilish actions are directly responsible for not only the presence of this black man in America, but also for the condition in which we find this black man here. You cannot find one black man, I do not care who he is, who has not been personally damaged in some way by the devilish acts of the collective white man!"
.."White people seem to think the black man ought to be shouting "hallelujah"! Four hundred years the white man has had his foot-long knife in the black man's back- and now the white man starts to wiggle the knife out, maybe six inches! The black man's supposed to be grateful? Why, if the white man jerked the knife out, it's still going to leave a scar!" - El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

Give thanks unto the Almighty King
Qedemawi Haile Sellassie I
Sis Kaley

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 12/8/2005 2:25:54 PM

"black supremacy i am over come with joy
for i know it represents equality, dignity,pride, and justice, to think of black supremacy in terms of white supremacy is foolishness as black supremacy is a counter reaction to the evils of the current system which promotes opression, hate , injustice, and violence its a system were the selected few get richer while the rest of us get poorer, is it not the african people who have been opressed the most for the longest time? so is it suprising or unfair when they stand up and demand a new system for themselves free from the shackles of europeans, when africa unite and white supremacy is toppled every man will truelly be free and equal this is what black supremacy means to ini so when you fear it your really fearing the loss of your white privellidges in which case you no RASTA just another babylonian" SELAH

Give thanks Soul-Jah . . .ILAHFUL word sound POWER

Perfect Love
sis Kaley

Messenger: Ras ElIjah Sent: 12/8/2005 3:25:43 PM

Tef I, whats done is done, theres nothing we can say cause we are white. Any thing Can & will be held against us, but if our skin was darker they would have open ears, I know that you know HIM & I know HIM so we are not to be dictated by any man or woman. Much love brother.

Ras ElIjah

Messenger: Sis Irijah Sent: 12/8/2005 3:26:36 PM

greetings in HIM Most Hola Name

this discussion is disheartening.
HIM is a black man
HIM has been a black man since before creation
and HIM will always remain a black man
not brown
not high yellow
not a redbone
and an AFRIKAN
this attitude by most white ras...of superiority in a BLACK MAN's trod really gets on this sis'last nerve.
InI am truly tired of it
if it is not a one trying to say InI are wrong for praising a BLACK god and king, it is someone saying HIM was not black
what a thing
or it is someone MISINTERPRETING the words to the war song
do the I's not realEYEZ that this is a BLACK MAN's trod first and foremost?
InI am a white ras
have been since the 70's and InI have never never never heard such foolishness and DISRASPECT to InI idren and sistren and to HIM until the past few years.
get it?
and if the I's on here that are white do not like that
it appears that the whites that are NOT conscious and that are displaying their privilege in a very embarrassing way on this board, need to step back and examine why the I's are claiming RASTAFAR I.
let me tell the I's something
the I's that are displaying this privilege
you are the ones that are creating dissention in this trod
InI am sick of it
the white I's cannot repatriate
the white I's have no claim to reparations
the I's cannot be leaders in this trod
the I's can be workers
the I's can be bridges to help one and ones repatriate
the I's can teach skills and bring the work of repatriation and reparation to the white neighborhoods and make ones aware of the works that need to be one
the ones can do all things meant to fulfill the works in any way in this trod
if ones do this
ones can chant RASTAFAR I
with clean heart and clean hands
but please
leave your privilege, disraspect, and whitemindedness at the door.
the I's cannot change something to fit the I's lifestyle.....take bits and pieces of this livity and change them to whitemindedness.
the I's will burn if the I's do not change the I's self from the inside out
are the white I's on here trying to change things because the I's can't stand to see a black man OWN ANYTHING
THE I's cannot take away InI livity
InI will not let the I's do that
privilege has already ruined the world......InI will not stand by and let the I's change rastafar I to fit thier own preferences......
this sis feels the ones creating this discention need to apologize and then re examine thier motives for even being here.....seen.
to all InI idren and sistren
InI, Sis Irijah, apologize in advance for the weakminded,unconscious, pretentious, whiteminded individuals here letting all of this slop fall out of their mouths.........
sis IJAHSEEK and SIS KALEY........keep the fires burning InI sistren.
nzinga.....keep forwarding the truth sis, until thier eyes burn with years and fall out the sockets.......give thanks for speaking truth as well
and to those who started this apologies from I sistren for InI words as InI only come forth with truth and cleansing fire.
the truth may be an offense but never ever a sin

Selassie I
each and everytime
more love
Sis Irijah

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 12/8/2005 3:26:50 PM

What is truly sad is the legacy for the youth.
How can a Black youth feel proud if you tell him that the only shield against Babylon is to be a brown neutral color?
When the foot is on his neck it is not because of Black Supremacy it is because of its abscence. Because Africa's history is too often written from a white race identy point of view it will never project the pride of Black Africans who are free to live a Black African life.
What of the opressive misinformation that has many of our Black brothers and sisters in Brazil claiming mixed race to escape the evils of racism.
What of the class system that has our Black brothers and sisters in India labled untouchable.
What of the opressive regime that has our Black brothers and sisters in France rioting in the street.
What of the foot that stomped Kemet into Egypt and replaced her temples to Asest, Asaur, Heru and the legions of other Black gods with mosques and churches.
What of the opressive regime that destroys the holy ruins of Isreal daily with fire from the sky and hatred from the ground.
What of the evil empire that calls itself the Bush regime that kills from a distance without regaurd to innocence.
What of the fate of the Bushmen who are being chased from their land because of their traditions and beliefs.
What of the fate of the Australian Aborigine who has been made a fool of by so called modern society.
What of the Indiginous peoples of the Americas who have been reduced to a fictional characture with a red face and a feathered head band. Or a mythical culture in the mountains of mist.
What of the "American Negro" ....
What is left to take from these peoples?
Is it not Godlike to leave them with their last glimpse of dignity?
A Black man crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords
It is the argument that seperates Dr. Martin Luther King and El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X), though they have both been quoted as having respect for the others movement.
Can we all get along?
Is that a myth?
How can it become a reality if our white bredren continue to take what has been given to their Black Idren as a gift from The Most High?
What is the cost of leaving a Black man Black?
The cost of making a Black man brown is indeed great, too great, too much for a struggling people to carry.
Why follow in the footsteps of King James and Vatican City when you can step into the footsteps of Jesus the Christ and Haile Sellassie I and reach salvation with the meek whose inheratence is the Earth.
I ask the Idren to show peace and mercy, overstanding and intelligence. Please don't take away the legacy reserved for the youths, designed to give back the pride brutaly stolen by Babylon's system.
White pride is rampant and does not need to be restored, pick a hero, any hero, who is already pale skinned. Leave our Black leaders alone.

Love Peace and FREEDOM,
Eva-Nzingha Garvesther Moorhead aka
Empress Nzingha presents Hunny-Brown Sunshyne
poet, chef, superhero
Balancer of the universe-soul equation

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 12/8/2005 3:32:13 PM

What does this nonsense really have to do with anything? What does black and white have to do with salvation? Color was never mentioned or talked about. Yes God is black, great but what does that do? Oh well God is black so are you saved now, is Gods blackness your testimony to people? We have better thingms to talk about besides this crap, its is meaningless. I understand that Africans have had their identitity stolen and that part of that identity was found in Christ and now in Haile I. But Christ and Haile Selassie spoke of the universal hope of salvation that was to be found in Christ and that the bible would be mankinds (white, black and everything else) rallying point.


Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 12/8/2005 3:42:15 PM

What does this nonsense really have to do with anything? What does black and white have to do with salvation? Color was never mentioned or talked about. Yes God is black, great but what does that do? Oh well God is black so are you saved now, is Gods blackness your testimony to people? We have better thingms to talk about besides this crap, its is meaningless. I understand that Africans have had their identitity stolen and that part of that identity was found in Christ and now in Haile I. But Christ and Haile Selassie spoke of the universal hope of salvation that was to be found in Christ and that the bible would be mankinds (white, black and everything else) rallying point.

It has to do with the reversal of a system that takes away the brillance of people by causing them to be concerned with the maintanace of an imaginary heirachy based on the color continuum. It in fact causes the masses of the Earth to miss the true evil that is not race but greed. It has to do with the Babylonian systems plan to implement the negitive utopia described in "1984" against huemanity. It has to do with not allowing ourselves to become the ignorant, poverty stricken and warmongering masses. And you must admit that worshiping a white God certainly won't save anyone. If we won't live together then we shall certainly die together

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 12/8/2005 4:27:28 PM


People should talk less and listen more to His Majesty. As we all have TWO ears to listen but only ONE mouth to talk. We do not need no other teacher then Janhoy. humble yourself. all of you. shame on all quarrelheads.


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