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RASTAFARIAN MYSTICISM: An Introduction to the Mysteries of Nyahbinghi

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Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 12/4/2005 7:33:05 PM

Haile Sellassie I Lives and Reigns!

Binghi Haiasi again.

"black supremacy" belongs in the same garbage bin as "white supremacy" --- you have eloquently demonstrated your ignorance of Nyahbinghi, and the agenda within your works.

Yes, Nyahbinghi will hold Black Supremacy for ever, the original and the authentic. And yes, I know you will lecture me next on the teachings of HIM. Please spare me, bredren. InI are already showing the tolerance HIM require of InI.

I do give thanks for your answers, and wish you success in building your "whole library".

Beloved Idren,

InI know scholarly researches are being done into the Rastafari tradition. This is not a sin. In recent times I found Prof Hill's book on the Gonguru Howell to be a sincere and diligent work. However, the learned professor makes no pretence whatsoever to be speaking for the tradition, only as a scholar. For a well financed liberal researcher to push his individual vanity as representing the tradition is a serious thing - and that too, Nyahbinghi!

This world is a tripp, bredren! what can I say

Watch and pray! Rastafari love always!

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 12/4/2005 8:15:05 PM

Love and only Love,

You have ignored every question I have asked while I have tried to answer each of yours. Why no answers? Perhaps because you are incapable of addressing each and every question I have asked of thee without showing the folly of your divisive position?

Obviously, we have both reasoned these arguments before and neither of us will be swayed by the other. I hope we can agree that above all this is JAH RASTAFARI InI Majesty King Selassie I Ancient of Days, Iniversally and Iternally.

InI will give thanks and praises unto the Almighty with fervor and joy regardless of the opinions of others.

Remember that you and I and they are ALL ONE IN JAH.


Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 12/5/2005 12:50:42 AM

Yes, InI will return the courtesy, giving thanks.

"Why look for division instead of seeing Inity?"
What division have I "looked for"? You have gone on record dividing yourself from InI the Nyahbinghi Rastafari. The time for the Inity of perfect righteousness will surely come. I only look for truth when I read the book of life - and what I am reading in life is that white supremacy is building itself into a global military frenzy, that the economic gap between whites and blacks is still widening sharply, and that smarmy liberals are rapidly posturing as the "experts" on all ancient traditions of the world.

"Do you want to see JAH's law established on earth where Love and Compassion is the state of all mankind or do you want to see black people at the head of a church handing out salvation as they see fit?"
First of all, I do not testify nothing about "JAH". Furthermore, it does not matter what I "want to see" except to my own soul's destiny - HIM is setting the governmant according to His pleasure in perfect righteousness. HIM has put whites to the service of Ethiopia in the past and will do so again; He has not sent any whites to reform the spiritual and cultural traditons of Africa. He has sent Nyahbinghi to the west on a mission for black people.

I know whites feel very angry when blacks set boundaries for their own protection, even though it is a fundamental right of all peoples - I suspect it is from a lingering sense that they "own" blacks and their labours. I do have respect for whites who stand up courageously against white supremacy, and sometimes at great risk to themselves, write books exposing the wickedness of the system or, expend sincere efforts to change wicked practices and policies of the system. Such whites have always been there, even though they have never succeeded in preventing the system. I do not respect your desire however to reform the Nyahbinghi tradition after your own heart's desire - that is divisive, insulting and vain - and sadly, that is how most whites are to this day, and increasingly becoming fascist in their administration.

Do good and live for ever!

PS - if I have missed any questions, you can remind me, while keeping in mind I have no desire to "debate" or "argue" - as I am sure you know as a Nyahbinghi man that we do not practise that. :)

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 12/5/2005 12:54:50 AM

I give thanks for the courtesy shown by SismenenI in letting me use her account. I was able to do so because the link I received had the cookie ID in it, so the board recognized me as SisMenenI!

In order to avoid confusion, I will register my own account if there is a need for further reason. Giving thanks SisMenenI

One perfect love,

Binghi Haiasi

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/5/2005 11:24:12 AM

Blessed Love...
May the words of i mouth and the i-ditation of i heART be acceptable in INI site oh rasta far I

I don't want to get involved in this discussion at all... yet ini called to say something. May the most high speak thru this vessel and not the vessel speak for self...

It is essential that ones and ones devote the i's to INITY......and if that means to reason out die-vision with dialouge that is uncomfortable, so be it. The RIGHT attitude about this is RASPECT... that is the FOUNDATION for this groundation. Humility is the strengh of the foundation, becuz life is only as strong as he weakest link... in this web of life.. and brederns and sistrens, ones know that LIFE has many weak links in the arrogant greediness of downpressors and thier $hit$tems.

There must be RASPect, that does not mean acceptance nor tolerence nor acclamation to what INI know is not RIGHT... it means to RASpect life... live an let live knowing ones intentions. Overstanding ones intentions... from there ones can reason out what is not righteous and move accordingly.

"who can discern my errors Lord, please forgive my hidden faults...keep me from willful sin, let it not rule over i, then i will be blameless, innocent of great trangression"

Rasta, ini iron sharpenig iron. There is NO room in this movement to personalize critical analysis, if ones want to use such intellectualism chatter.

The breden wrote a book that he felt lead to write and is not making a profit upon it. Only the man knows his intention.
The sistren takes offense to the writing of this as an afront to ini culture.

INI site the situation as this. INI african tradition is oral. Inin entire culture is a structure of oral teachings nd activism of livity. Today ones and ones look for scholarly way to learn. Ones are writng for profit about something that they know about through studies and plnne eperiences. Perhaps it is a zeal for coming to overstand the TRUTH. Yet the TRUTH is no great discovery. It is not NEW age and many ones, especially of "PRIVILEGDE", are experiencing what has been spirit for i-ver. This awakening is exciting, but know this is not new..just like columbus did not discover anything that had not already exisited...ini culture is grounded in mysticism....they are not mysteries nor secrets. The movement of rasta far is a step at time. ONes of "white priveldge" may have the right intentions yet the movements are not always acccepted by those who have trod this journey for iver. SITE? The role of "white" (however that is defined) in "black" (however that is defined) will not be unified until the JUSTICE is the first and formost focus.....TO get to that, the education of scholarsip by the so called priveldged is to set the record straight about ini ancestors,,,then...then one is open to recieve mysticism to use wisely.

This book....without having read it, will only speak to those who have a pure heART and a strong mind to separate truth from one can be led astray by black words on white paper.....only the wicked will profit from thier traps and thier profits lead to self-destructon.....

There is no judgement here on any ones here,,,,ini leave that up to the righteous i's, who know in the innermost hearts of the i purpose. do and say what is right is what the most high expects,,,,

blessed love rasta far i
haile i selassie i

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 12/5/2005 1:08:36 PM

"In the Mystic Traditions of the different religions we have a remarkable unity of spirit. Whatever religion they may profess, they are spiritual kinsman. While different religions in their historic forms bind us to limited groups and militate against the development of loyalty to the world community, the mystics have have already stood for the fellowship of humanity... Noone should question the faith of others, for no human being can judge the ways of God."
-- Emperor Haile Selassie I King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

You are the first Rastaman I have ever heard plead "Please spare me" the teachings of HIM.

The division you are looking for is the seperation of Sons and Dawtas of the Most High into classes based not on their hearts but on their complexion, the Inity the I is ignoring is the Inity of All in the Almighty I JAH.

By the way do you have a way of deciding who is black and who is white? If my great-grand father was black am I ok then? What about Bob Marley, his father was a Brit! The chances that you have no caucasion blood in your veins or that I don't have African blood in mine is very small. Such a blessing is given to the I if you are commissioned by the Lord to decide which of His Idren is black and acceptable and who is white and to be regarded as inferior.

How have I gone on record dividing Iself from Nyabinghi? Admittedly I misspoke at one point in all these reasonings when I referred to "black supremacy" to show the I the folly of attributing "white supremacy" to Iman works. Clearly, "Black Supremacy" is not "black supremacy" and it cannot be base racism either, however I recognize that it is a dogma which white Rastas cannot completely overstand.

You say "The time for the Inity of perfect righteousness will surely come." Selah bredren.

InI have a vision of Mount Zion, where skin color, eye color and hair color are not just irrelevant they don't exist, each one shines forth the undifferentiated Light of the One Divine Source of All JAH RASTAFARI. Keep trodding bredren, our different paths will eventually lead to the same Mountain.

Your rude implications that I have a "lingering sense" of ownership of "blacks and their labours" shows that the I would rather provoke negativity than embrace Iniversal Peace Love and Overstanding. My reply to your provocation is Love and I pray for the I. smarmy? I think not!

In the end we would not be having this discussion if JAH had made my skin darker. JAH made I as I am and I am a Rastaman.

Messenger: Empress Nzingha Sent: 12/5/2005 2:54:55 PM

Y'all make my stomach hurt.
At what point do we surrender to the truth and let go of isms, superstitions and ignorance?
If the original man was black and if the knowledge he gained was taken by the white man, then who can give the knowledge back to the black man if not the white man?
His Majesty's teachings were to combat the popular opinion that the lighter a man's color the more he is worth. Not neccesarily that we are all equal but that we are all one. The point is having one side is one sided, you must reason with all information in order to gain truth and wisdom.
A man who has never been opressed doesn't know what opression looks like.
If the ancestors have a message, the living must hear it. We all have the same ancestors so what diffrence does the messenger make.
The Rastafari movement is a Black movement, does that mean others can't join, no. It means that in order to join one must understand that the movement is from opression to unity.
The Ethiopian nation is one of two bloodlines.
Christianity doesn't have a color, but it is for the upward movement of the Hebrew nation.
Judiasm also has no color, but it is built on the movement of the Hyksos out of Egypt into Israel.
You cannot change the purpose of a movement to fit your personal needs. You must join a movent to further its purpose through self dedication.
We didn't start the fire, it was always burning, since the world's been turning.
There is one Most High, all paths merge at the truth.
Rastafari movement is exploration of self.
Self worth.
Each one teach one.
Humility is not an option, it is a neccesity.
How can a Black man strive for freedom while condeming the white man to subjigation.
You cannot rise by stepping on another's back because when the back breaks, you fall back down. Being on top of another only goes as high as the most evil. Spreading your wings to fly has no top only possibility.
Rastas don't deal with violence and negitivity.
If you condem a next man, what space is there left for the Most High's judment to reign supreme?
If you believe in love then how can anybody take something from you that you would not give freely.
You can't take a next man's dignity if he won't give it up.
You can't take a next man's truth if he refuse to lie.
You can't take a next man's peace if he refuse to war.
You can't buy a next man's soul if he refuse to sell.
You can't make a next man see if he won't open his eyes.
You can't save a next man life if he is determined to die, you can only die with him or save yourself.

Love Peace and FREEDOM
Empress Nzingha presents
Hunny-Brown Sunshyne
Poet, Chef, Superhero
Balancer of the universe-soul equation

Messenger: Binghi Haiasi Sent: 12/5/2005 3:14:39 PM

"How have I gone on record dividing Iself from Nyabinghi?"
By writing a book about Nyahbinghi, pretending to be from inside the tradition - and yet neither asking permission of nor submitting the book for review and correction by the Nyahbinghi. The Nyahbinghi Rastafari of JA are the only Nyahbinghis who would even tolerate a white presence on the grounds, let alone write a book! You have revealed your ideology as liberal individualism, not Nyahbinghi.

"By the way do you have a way of deciding who is black and who is white?"
Yes - it is not by skin colour.

"In the end we would not be having this discussion if JAH had made my skin darker."
This is not a question but I will srespond - no matter what the colour I would ask ANY supposed binghiman who wrote about Nyahbinghi why they did not bring it to InI for review first - no traditional binghiman would do such a thing, for InI recognize how important each and every word is that purports to come from within the tradition. Zion is Zion - your (or my) vision of it matters nothing.

"You are the first Rastaman I have ever heard plead "Please spare me" the teachings of HIM"
Dont get it twisted, dread - I asked you to spare me YOUR LECTURE on the teachings of HIM. Your clever sophistries are all played out - they are nothing new to InI.

Steve, I do not fear you, I do not seek to extinguish your 'race' from the planet, and I do not write about european mysticisms as if they are my traditions. I received Nyahbinghi from InI ancestors, not yours, and I defend it as my life - not as a research, not as a hobby, not as an interest. You say the spiritual integrities are superior to the cultural integrities whereas I know them to be inseparable - and you are a good proof of it! In your spiritual vanity you offend the very people whose culture you have superficially adopted - and stubbornly refuse to "get it" when it is being shown to you by real Nyahbinghi ones - this is what happens when you follow "Jah" and other spirits, you start to invest divinity in every liberal fancy of your mind, thinking "Jah told me that" etc....

That you do not have a 'fatwa' on your head is proof of Rasta tolerance and Rasta love.

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 12/5/2005 4:49:59 PM

One Love In His Majesty I,

Respect bredren and Iman give thanks for the straightforward and unprovocative response. This reasoning is important to I and you have shown great patience.

Let I be clear, I have NEVER claimed to be anything other than that which I am. I overstand that the Order is a real and powerful force and I have been enriched by its traditions. I acknowledge that Iman am of the branches and not the root, that InI would die without the root. But, it is One Tree. Go back to Jah beginning and we share the same ancestors.

My work claims to be what it is, my explanation "acknowledging lack of expertise or authority" as a "practicing Rastaman" of how Rastafari represents a valid and usable Mystery Tradition. It is an introduction to the symbols and ritual (Nyahbinghi) of Rastafari for interested people who cannot access all of the remote literature in which the Elders have expressed themselves and others have expounded.

To pretend that I whole heart and soul are not Livicated to Rastafari or that I have not personally been spiritually enriched (to say the least) by Nyahbinghi Ises would be as disingenuous as if I claimed to be speaking as a representative of The Nyahbinghi Order.

Prithee bredren, consider, I have no choice but to be who I am. I am an expression of the One Divine Iality like you. I accept and defend the authority of The Nyahbinghi Order. I cannot accept spiritual partiality.

In the first days of the movement bredren clearly held woman back and in the fullness of time the Rastawoman has grown to where she can openly antagonize bredren in public over doctrine. Consider the difficulty of that trod for the Rasta woman, but she persists by the Power of the Almighty and is taking her place within the movement. That is the trod being forced upon light skinned Rasta bredren of pure heart and clean hands.

Still you have not addressed the point that both the Sacrificial Lamb Yeheshua, the Christ, and Emperor Selassie I, the Conquering Lion, have clearly plainly and emphatically stressed the equality of all humans in the eyes of JAH.

Also in one place you say "The Nyahbinghi Rastafari of JA are the only Nyahbinghis who would even tolerate a white presence on the grounds" and then you say you have a way of deciding who is truly "black" and it is not by skin color. Please explain this seeming contradiction.

I mean no "sophistry" or tricks I search only for the Truth. And I honestly and humbly respect the I, Binghi Haiasi, and thank the I for the forbearance the I has shown me.

Love and Respect in InI Majesties Emperor Selassie I/ Empress Menen JAH RASTAFARI

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 12/5/2005 4:56:43 PM

Revelations 7:9-10


1 John 5:1

"Everyone who believes that Yehsewa is the Christ is born of God, and everyone who loves the father loves his child as well."

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